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Well this has to be the most unusual addition to a row house I’ve ever seen. It’s super odd because it’s in the middle of the block. I can’t figure this one out.

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  • That is awful. Looks like it used to be a driveway or alley access and they filled it in. Probably first with a garage, then they built on top of it.

  • These are the kind of structures that should be torn down by the city and the cost levied versus the owners or if possible the builder involved in the creation of such horrid things.

  • Maybe its a walkway between both both houses. In-laws perhaps

  • I kind of like it, actually. It certainly looks super-useful. I can’t tell what it is made of, though. Is it brick? It would certainly be more attractive if the brick matched.

  • Or at least the windows. Surely it would not have been that hard to put in similar, attractive windows.

  • I agree with the speculation that it filled in what used to be an alley. But that doesn’t account for the poor taste of the structure.

  • i doubt that is a house. wouldn’t it have to have a legit front entrance by law? are you sure that the structure isn’t an add-on to one of the two adjoning houses?

  • Since we’re just speculating: my guess is that at some point it was a private alley between two separately owned properties that was maintained by covenants in the deeds until the houses came under common ownership.

  • This made me laugh out loud. Who? What?!

  • You are all wrong, it is a stackable garage, like the ones you see in Harlem NY. it also doubles as an after hours club invitation only.

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