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DSCN0254, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is a beautiful renovation that is nearly completed. Someone help me out, where’d I take this photo. I know it’s around the Mt. Vernon neighborhood. Beautiful.

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  • This looks like the house on the SW corner of 4th and M NW, in Mount Vernon Square. A few years ago I managed to find out about a MVS house tour in time to go on it, and this was one of the stops, actually, the best of a really great bunch. It was as fabulous inside (even with several rooms not yet finished) as outside, and there was some kind of very 1800s roof cupola with a just awesome view, the best from a house, as opposed to a larger building, that I’ve seen.

  • It’s carriage house is also great – same type of taller top story windows, in a much smaller package.

  • Ive always loved this house and that block of M is lovely

  • I lust after this house. I wish it were for sale.

  • yeah, that place is rockin

  • It’s a shame the the house accross the street has yet to be redone … also plenty of potential.

  • I wish you could of got a close up of the “eggs”. Killer house!

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