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DSCN0131, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I guess I really do like this section of 10th Street, NW! I like the contrast of this corner house with the rowhomes. Almost it looks like it’s from London.

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  • I love this area of Shaw… blagdon alley & nylor court rock my world

  • Man, I covet that house every time I walk past. Someday…(but probably not really)

  • I’m with Noah – that house is really eye-catching and a good one to dream about. Not sure if it’s the corner or how it plays with the block or what…

  • @ PoP:

    Best street in Shaw! There is a really great house with a big porch on 10th and O that you might get a kick out of (they have a yellow smart car parked in the driveway). When you’re done, stop by and say hello to Azi and get some coffee and a delicious danish on 9th and O.

  • You’re visiting my block yet again, PoP! I really do dig the ‘hood…wish it was slightly closer to U Street though.

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