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  • Looks like wood, i love the color.

  • Love it. Despite the negative image some people have of Georgetown there are some amazing blocks of small homes and alley homes there, especially on the eastern end of georgetown near the parkway. When I first moved to dc I would wander around the neighborhood and droll over some of those homes

  • Yes it’s wood. See how the siding boards continue onto the other house? That tells you it was built way before the building code or fire code. Back then you either built brick, wood or stucco. And the wood came from a local tree of the right species and age to last more than 100 years if painted and watched after. Which this appears to be.

  • these definitely prove the maxim that location, location, and location are what matters in real estate. what are they, maybe 600 square feet? siding? are you kidding me?

  • Not sure exactly where these homes are in Georgetown, but there are a lot of very small homes near the water. I find the history very interesting in that back in the day the poor dock workers lived closer to the water, notably at the bottom of the hill, because the trash and sewage would flow downward to the water. I used to live up the street from Fells Point in Baltimore and you find similar little homes near the water.

  • Ahoy !

    Georgetown, East VIllage, on 26th Street at P Street.

    Yes, wood.

    With at least a half dozen coats of paint from over the decades.

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