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  • the house is for sale? how much?

  • I am curious too. Does anyone know?

  • I tried calling the # a while ago, and the guy said it was the wrong number…Anyone else try? Please, someone buy it and give it some love. It’s half a blog from Gage/Eckington school, set for demolition and creation of a new garden/park!

  • a work crew replaced the roof on the carriage house this year, and did some brick repointing about a year ago. Anybody know who that was?

  • $895,000… Unfortunately, it was turned into a group house by Howard with 11 efficiency units, before that it was a boarding house for Catholic Charities. It was built in 1860 and is 5,012 square feet. It needs to be gutted and completely redone. The last purchase was in ’04 for $939K… I saw it was for sale a while back but it is too expensive for the work that needs to be done to it.

  • it was not turned into a group house by “howard” it was owned by a group of super shady investors who also renovated my rowhouse. i am periodically sued by one of these investors who is in prison for fraud in maryland on grounds that I don’t really own my house because his partner didn’t have the right to sell it to me. apparently he’s notorious amongst dc real estate lawyers – taught himself law while in prison, just sits there filing any lawsuit he can think of.

  • if you buy this you need to make sure you cover your bases legally because you may be subject to all sorts of shady lawsuits. this address is the one that the jailed fraudster considers his former business address.

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