Hmm, I Would’ve Thought They Would Serve Chinese Food

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Just saying…

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  • Just goes to show you that you can find just about anything on Georgia Avenue.

  • Right, but the “Chinese” food that we buy in the U.S. is hardly authentic. Immigrants from China who wish to open a restaurant must be schooled in how to prepare “General Tso’s Whatever,” “Shrimp Fried Rice,” or “Kung Pao Misc”

  • the kung pao chicken that is made and served in china is better, but pretty much the same dish that is served here. Some food is different. Not all.

  • Just ordered Chinese food delivery last night from Hong Kong on GA. They got to us in less than a half hour, the lo mein and the other dish was good. Give them a try at 829-7900. It’s not gourmet Chinese but it’s fresh, hot, fast and tasty. You can even use a charge card over the phone.

  • Hahaha! This made my day~ I guess they were trying to save money instead of paying for “fried chicken, subs, fries”

  • They have the best Chicken & Mumbo Sauce, lol!!!

    Now the best Chinese Food in DC from a Carryout was Twin Dragon Carryout located on 3rd and Kennedy Streets, NW. This place has been open for well over 30 years. However, it shut down due to the owners illness last summer. I still find myself calling in hopes that somebody answer so I can order the best eggrolls that I’ve ever tasted.

  • I was wondering what happened to twin dragon I was in DC one night and I called to place order and number was disconnected.Twin dragon had the best egg rolls and beef fried rice. I have never found anything else close to it.

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