Hilarious City Plaques – Baltimore Style


I know it’s from Baltimore but this is way too funny not to post. Thanks to future pop attorney for posting the photos in the PoPville flickr pool and writes:

“So so sad. You see how the City of Baltimore feels about its court clerks. Though not a court clerk, I am a clerk in the court, so it saddens me to see this poor stump everyday. It kind of represents the hopes of Baltimore that were perhaps once great, but are now just a stump.”


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  • “It kind of represents the hopes of Baltimore that were perhaps once great, but are now just a stump.”

    I lived in Baltimore for six years and moved to DC two years ago with that feeling of superiority about moving to a better city.

    But honestly, I miss Baltimore when I go there and visit old friends. It is such an easy city to live in with great places to go and eat. It isn’t so great to visit as a tourist, hence no tourists!

    And I can’t help but feel that unlike DC, Baltimore has a stronger sense of culture and identity and never tries to be anything that it isn’t. DC feels like one giant museum.

    I don’t want to turn this into Baltimore vs DC, and being a Friday post I doubt anyone will read this. But I do get tired of people dismissing or crapping on Baltimore. But maybe that is what keeps Baltimore under the radar and makes it even more special.

  • Here, here, anothermous! I couldn’t agree more. I love DC, and it’s home – but I’ll always miss Baltimore, and I love going back for weekends. I’ll also vehemently defend it to anyone. And, I’ll always wish DC had a little more Baltimore in it.

  • Baltimore is a ‘charming city’, no wait the ….’city that reads’, wrong again ….’the greatest city in America’. All I have to say is that have some big balls and bigger city slogans. But seriously I’ve always liked visting b’more. Good times, great corner bars. I wish DC had corner bars on every block.

  • Uhm, maybe the tree died and had to be removed. No big whoop… just plant a new one.

  • Believe Hon!

  • I am the reverse. Lived in DC for 9 years, now live in MD, but now go to school and work in Baltimore. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been coming to Baltimore on a daily basis. I really like the city. It definitely has a more laid back feel than DC. But most places do. It is a great city, and I work in an office that is trying to regain some of its soul back for the people.

    I like to pretend that it got “run down” when they filmed part of “Live Free or Die Hard” when the helicopter was shooting at Bruce Willis in downtown. Most of that scene was shot in front of the courthouse and around City Hall, which is a block down the road.

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