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  • Haven’t been yet but as I am neither beautiful nor chic, do you think they’ll let me in? In my opinion, eateries, bars, lounges and the like that put claims of being the “In” spot in writing seldom are. Only time will tell.

  • My friend and I were walking by there on Saturday and briefly considered checking it out, but then the host came out and starting trying to entice us to come in (which always makes me uncomfortable) so we kept walking. It does look like it might be good – but it doesn’t look like it has the ambiance to compete with Bistrot du Coin.

  • I don’t think any French bistro could ever hope to compete with the douchebag level of service at Bistrot du Coin

  • Something about that place seems just a little off. I don’t know if it’s the odd website text, or the non-working menu links (you’d think they’d check that for a brand new place), or even just the name ‘French Bistro Bistro’ (Why add French?) but it doesn’t add up somehow. Does anybody else get that vibe or is it just me?

  • This place seems off to me also. Is it really a French Bistro, we don’t need a French Bistrow, we need an Indian or Caribbean resturant.

  • We don’t need another bad carry out Caribbean resturant in DC, we need some resturants with good service and great food. The present caribbean resturants are lacking in the customer service arena.

  • This seems about as authentically French as any of those downtown salad/hot food bars are “Fresh.”

  • I love how the web site has tabs for “reserve a tab” and “ocation.” I work right by this place and noticed it yesterday. I like Bistrot du Coin enough, although their oh-so-french attitude is tiring, and I still hold a grudge against the owner for being the mouthpiece for the “ban the ban” effort that sought to scuttle the indoor smoking ban. I’ll check this new place out despite their pretentious and annoying web site.

  • What was here before this place…City Lights? Video store? Nepalese junk store?

  • The thing about Bistrot du Coin is that they give people the impression that they’ve got a “French” attitude. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re just dumb douchebags who give the French a bad name. I’ve been all over France, and people simply don’t treat you like that in restaurants there. Not decent ones, at least.

  • DF:
    According to Google,Via Reggio’s Italian Grocery?

  • My husband and I dine at Bistro du Coin regularly and love them. They are always friendly and we feel at home there which is why we keep coming back. You can go there any day of the week and there is a nice atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Its also fun to people watch.

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