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  • The pop up is architecturally hideous. Such crap should be made to conform with the roofline or moved farther back so that its not visible from the street. When are we going to stop letting the money grubbing design challenged ruin the roofline symetry of our neighborhoods. They at least could have used the same material as the front of the house. Sad.

  • Prince of Petworth: You need to return to this address in Bloomingdale. Go back into the alley and see the * back * of the house. You will want to take some pics of that and post them here on your blog. Guaranteed.

  • There is a view of the rear in the photo link. I know it’s mostly the perspective of the shot, but it looks like an entirely different structure dominating the back of that row!

  • THe pics of the back are on the link he provided. It’s kind of fugly, agreed. I was going to say it’s a hell of a lot of house for that $, but then I realized it’s one unit of this awkward condo conversion. Hell no, not worth 499k.

  • The back of the house looks like a towering giant… so so sad…

  • Definitely not worth the money, renovation looks cheap. Floor plan looks like somebody didn’t have a plan. I lived in the ledroit park area my entire life, and I hate to see what some these developers have done to some row houses.

  • The link supplies only one pic of the rear of the house — straight on from the alley. The perspective does not indicate how monstrous the rear of the house is. You must enter the alley from the North Capitol Street side and walk towards the rear of house in order to see the perspective. As Manga says, “fugly.” An additional pic or two from an angle is needed to appreciate this abomination.

  • Even in the photo on the blog you can see how gargantuan the addition is. The windows are huge compared to the neighboring houses.

    To me the house is just…meh. Builder’s special. Nothing very interesting about it. I dislike the maple cabinets with the cherry floors. Contrast is nice but this contrast just doesn’t work.

    Given that the owner could have posted as many photos as they liked on their blog, I think it is odd that I still don’t have much of a feel for the space. Can’t really say good deal or otherwise.

  • Look up this house on local.live.com – do the birds eye view and that can show the toweringness.

  • The flat looks pretty nice I think, but $499K and in that neighbourhood, I don’t think it’s value for money.

  • Not worth. 499k better spent on a house in Petworth, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a nice backyard.

  • Anonymous, what zip code(s) covers Petworth

  • That’s interesting. This property is listed at $459K on franklymls http://franklymls.com/DC7061769

  • @Hoyabulldog, not sure. I think 20011 and parts of 20010. others may know better.

  • I dunno, 2000 square feet of new fug for 459 is a pretty good deal.

  • Another vinyl siding monstrosity. I think I’m gonna start calling these Home Depot specials.

  • What about also providing pictures of some of the nice third story additions that have been done in the area? There are those that live in their home and have added third stories that conform to the architecture of their home. Some that are so well done most people probably do not even notice them.

  • Popups like this one fall in the same category as Home Despot Remodels of the priceless Victorians in Bloomingdale: they should be illegal. I’m pretty sure that their most relevant trait is “evidence of city corruption”, based on my own personal experience with the building inspectors. Either way, I hope noone buys it, or as an alternative, that whomever buys it is able to tear it down in order to restore the beauty of the original house.

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