Good Deal or Not? Dont Stare Directly Into the Brick Edition


This home is located at 2905 Sherman Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Wow! Ready to move in! What a renovation in Columbia Heights!! Blocks from Howard University!Gorgeous hardwoodfloors, new carpet, and fully finished basement. Enjoy the convenience of being close to Schools, Shopping Centers and the Metro.”

More info and photos found here.

While the brick is a little bright I do think this is a nice home. It’s one of the few renovations I’ve seen for under $350,000. What do you think of the house itself? $345,000 sound reasonable?

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  • I think this will sell very quickly. Liveable at this price is what is selling.

  • The interior isn’t that great, but as a do it yourselfer, it looks like something I could fix up mostly myself for a relatively minimal cost.

    For 345,00, sure, that’s a very fair price.

  • Good deal.

    It isn’t anything special–bedrooms 2 and 3 look awful, the kitchen is tiny and basic, and….”great room”? Isn’t that the living room and not a very big one at that? And no grass planted.

    But the asking price is what a condo is going for two blocks away, so I think it will sell fast.

  • Nice quick turnaround on the renovation — kudos for bringing the property to such nice condition so quickly! Lots of space — I agree they could have hired a better photographer but am so glad this house will be part of the gradual improvement of Sherman Avenue. And it’s walkable to the 930 club!

  • Did they spray paint the backyard green?

  • Good deal for someone who wants to do a little work. Lot’s of space for not a lot of cash. And they’re making adding a bike lane, trees and wider sidewalks on Sherman soon.

  • Pros: your friends will never get lost looking for your place

  • Good deal, lots of potential for someone who puts in alittle effort. I like how in the front room they went all the way up to the roof to expose the three windows.

  • It always amazes me that there is such a large price difference block to block in DC. I know the “good” neighborhood has to stop somewhere, but homes Sherman over sell for ridiculously less than those on 11th, 13th, etc. And with all of the recent Columbia Heights crime, it actually seems as though Sherman and over might be safer than 10th through 16th.

    I guess some of this is because you are closer to the metro, but there was a small house on 10th and Kenyon, sort of at the very end towards Sherman that is on the market for $529,000. Don’t get me wrong, that one looks like a better reno than this, but it is smaller too. Shouldn’t we all be buying places like this? Those houses in between Georgia and 11th tend to be cheaper, don’t actually seem to have any less amenities (walking an extra block to the metro = ~2 more minutes of commuting), and are arguably just as safe, even though they are beyond the current popular limits of Columbia Heights gentrification?

  • Y’all must be crazy. Considering the stuff you’ll have to redo, including repainting the exterior and having to park on the street, I wouldn’t pay $300,000 for this place.

  • I for one like the low-maintenance back lawn. Greener than mine without the work. The condensing unit is pretty handsome, too, although painting it the color of the house would have been a very nice touch.

  • Thumbs up on the “sounds reasonable” scale. Seeing it in person would let u know for sure. There is NO WAY I would buy a condo a couple blocks away for the same price as this. Builders are making more and more condos, no one is making more land.

    I’d bet if you met the asking, seller would be willing to give a credit for exterior painting. Problem solved. Not an issue for me, though. No one else likes color? 😉

  • I like the color, you wouldn’t have to explain to out of towners all the details of how to get to your house. Just tell your friends its the atomic tangerine house on Sherman between Columbia and Harvard in CH.

  • Good deal. Nothing special about it, but a fair price for what you get.

  • Good deal. And don’t hate on the yellow! I for one like the bold colors.

  • It looks like the guard house at the old Lorton Jail in VA. Good Deal, follow the yellow brick house.

  • I looked at 1/2 a dozen renovated places within a block or 2 of this one, about the same size, but priced $100k more just 2 months ago. Unless I am missing something, I would call that under-priced. Nothing special inside, but an excellent deal at that price.

  • I think the color is indicitive of the bad decision making that went into the renovation.

  • Is this the house near the liquor store and next to the boarded up dump next door?

  • I like the color! And yeah, it could use better renovation, but it doesn’t look like costly stuff… the sort of things you could do going along. I’m gonna say good deal.

  • I bought my larger house with more bedrooms/bathrooms/nicer finishes about 3 blocks away from here (the “wrong” way – aka east) for about 15k more 6 months ago and you couldn’t pay me to move onto Sherman. That said, looking for houses in CH/Shaw/Petworth with metro access and move in ready (reno or not) in the 325-375 range can be hard. Also, no photos of the kitchen make me nerrvvvous.

  • is this a three or two level house?

  • Crappy reno, low price. It will sell. Buyer won’t realize what a pain it is to have their master bedroom six feet from Sherman Freeway.

  • It looks like dog pen for a McMansion

  • To those who think Sherman Ave. is a Freeway – the city has Stimulus $$ to reduce Sherman down to 1 lane with a tree-lined Median!

    While Sherman might be nasty now, it will be sweet a year and a half from now!

  • Vonstallin

    :::the city has Stimulus $$ to reduce Sherman down to 1 lane :::

    Well FracK ME !!!!!!!!!
    damn its bad enuff drive in the morning.

    Those trees are just going to die again…. exhaust fumes from the bus and trucks will kill it faster than Jim Jones at the Kool Aid factory.

  • In Miami – land of colorful houses – one is encouraged to paint a house a bolder color that what you want, as the paint will fade and mellow to a nice color. You should have seen Sylvester Stallone’s house when he first painted it – if I recall, it was pepto bismol-ish (spelling?), but then faded to a nice muted rose.

    (caveat – I lived there 10 years ago, paint may be stronger stuff now).

    Depending on how soon the paint fades, it might become a very nice color.

  • This is a nice little house. I was putting a bid on this house when it was on sale this winter (bank owned) and it went for 190k cash but needed renovation. Even though it is a good deal.

  • Vonstallin

    Drove by it today and damn near earled…..

  • Well. here we are a few months later and it’s still on the market! The reason:

    The Price – no

    The Street – getting warmer

    The liquor store nextdoor – getting warmer

    The gas station on the corner – getting warmer

    The boarded up apartment across the street – Warmer still!

    While it is unatractive now, 2 of the four “Warm” things above will change in the next 18-24 months. The boarded up apartment building has been classified as “vaccant” b the city and is now paying 10 times the normal real estate tax. This will force the owners to either fix it up or foreit it to the city as a tax sale. Sherman Avenue is on the fast track with federal free stimulus $$$ to turn it into a lovely parkway with plantings and a residential traffic flow.

    While the Liquor store and gas station will stay, the imporvement on the block and neighborhood at large will make this look like a total steal in the near future. Hopefully, it won’t be bought by sme scum bag absentee, slum lord from MD or VA in the mean time.

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