Good Deal or Not? Complete Reno Edition Realtor Submitted


This home is located at 422 Irving Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Spectacular Urban Oasis Awaits Your Summer Plans It’s not often one comes across a home like 422 Irving St. NW with three spacious sun drenched bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in addition to the three spacious private balconies to hold those great gatherings throughout the year on. This home will strike you as an incredibly well designed space.”

More info and virtual tour found here. The house also has its own Web site here.

Just to get it out of the way, I think I’d call this neighborhood Pleasant Plains rather than Columbia Heights but technically Pleasant Plains falls within CH kinda like U Street falls within Shaw. But anyway, this looks like a nice reno. What do you think of the reno itself? Does $473,000 sound reasonable?

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  • I agree; looks like a nice renovation. I like that the kitchen, dining room, and living room are seperate from each other.

    At first I had GDoN deja vu and thought this must be a repeat but I was thinking of this place at 537 Kenyon:

    It was also $475k and is now under contract. It had a basement rental, though, and this one does not. But this one is probably nicer in other ways. I like the darker hardwood floors, and the balcony is sweet. So the price seems in the right ballpark but could get negotiated down 5-10%.

  • I am not sure whether this is good or not. Home Depot-style renovation. Poor choice of countertops – look terrible with the cabinet color (absolutely no contrast). The front door is really ugly – not sure why people put these doors in in DC when they are not in keeping with the character of the houses.

  • Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture, but that jumbo refrigerator is taking up half the kitchen and sticking out in the hallway. Totally out of scale for the overall kitchen space, unless all you’re going to do there is store takeout leftovers.

    Despite the Home Depot reno, as dc mom points out, it is probably priced about right. I wouldn’t call it a good deal, but fair deal fits.

  • The outdoor space is nice. The front door, the countertops, and the peach entryway paint should have been given more thought. The ceiling fans are unusual and perhaps to specific to appeal to a range of buyers. Also don’t like the way a tiny skylight was squeezed in next to the ceiling fan. The skylight is too small to really be enjoyed and the placement is awkward with the ceiling fan. The contractor should have chosen one or the other, not both.

    Also I can’t tell, but it looks like access to the upstairs bathroom is through one of the ‘bedrooms’. I do think such an arrangement reduces the value of the property somewhat. The room could likely never be used as a bedroom.

    Aside from all this, it does look like a good renovation and I think it is priced right. Good deal.

  • RE: Anon 1:17pm. The recent nearby shooting could probably get a negotiated price down even lower than 5-10%…….

  • Are you guys listening to yourselves? A 10% cut is $47,000. Too me there is a big difference between a $475K house and a $425K house. This is a nice house, but it’s a $425K house. So no, its not a good deal at $473K.

  • @ Just J (I’m also Anon 1:17 pm): I guess it depends on how you look at it. Most homes end up selling for about 5-10% off, so when I think a home could sell for 90-95% of its list price, to me that means it’s in the right ballpark. Even though, of course, the difference of $47,000 is a lot of money.

    The other posters who said “good deal” or “fair deal” might not agree with me that it could go down to $425k, though.

  • Totally unrelated…but what is going on with the house next door…they have clearly done some painting but it looks like they haven’t quite finished the entire front of the house…

  • 425 irving across the street was much nicer (I went inside both of them) and it sold for under 425. Not a good deal.

  • Some great comments up here about the property as the listing agent for it I always remind my sellers regardless of their position and view on the market, it is real estate and EVERYTHING is negotiated. It is always a bit of give and take from both sides of the deal and never be intimidated by the LIST PRICE as it is purely a starting point.

  • Vonstallin

    Looks to be running low on TP in the bathroom.

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