Going and Just Thought I’d Mention This


The really cool Neat Neighborhood Find, ShowOff Apparel has closed at 2608 Georgia Ave, NW. This is quite sad as those guys were super talented. This is how cool the inside looked back in July.


In happier news, while not new, I know folks mentioned the Philadelphia Water Ice Factory on H Street, NE. People seemed to really like their cheesesteaks.


Just thought I’d mention that there is also a location at 2620 Georgia Ave, NW.

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  • Sadly, places like this and Mojo Ken’s are victims of the economy. DC just isn’t big enough to support these small boutique operations during times of recession.

  • Not really so!! If we all support the local botique operations, they will survive. Those operations must also step up their customer service.

  • I hope they check your health insurance before they let you eat that.

  • OK, is the picture of the steak and cheese anything like the real product?

  • Anon 6:25 — it is sad when quality local shops close; however, DC itself isn’t the problem. I just read an article in the LA Times about skyrocketing retail vacancies in West LA and the closing of dozens of indy shops there. The same is true in big and small cities around the country. For chrissake retail rents have fallen more than 35% on Madison Ave in Manhattan over the past year. On Newbury Street in Boston more than 20 vacant storefronts have popped up in the past 6 months as large and small stores seemingly close overnight there. The unpleasant truth for retail is that the lack of affordable credit coupled with a change in consumer attitudes is hurting and, in some cases, killing independent and chain stores everywhere. For what it’s worth, DC is holding up much better than most other US cities right now but even in this recession resistant town these trends hurt our fragile indy shops.

  • @JJ – That picture is unretouched. It is indeed the authentic product. Anyone who complains that you can’t get a good cheesesteak in DC hasn’t been to Philly Water Ice Factory. Real shredded ribeye, no Steak Ums here. Dunno if they do Cheez Wiz, but they can use American or Provolone, grilled onions or no. The lady who runs the two stores is really cool. She gets the Amoroso bread shipped down every week. Five out of five shrieks on the monkeyrotica scale.

  • Got to shriek with the monkey on this one. Their cheesesteaks are awesome good with flavor. They do have cheese wiz.

  • Thanks MonkeyErotica. I have a new destination

  • that photo looks like some kind of diseased va-jay-jay. not very appetizing in appearance.

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