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This is a little plot at Shepherd, Illinois and 4th Streets, NW. This little plot used to be filled with trash. It’s nice to see it became a proper garden. I wonder if the city did it or some neighborhood folks. Either way it looks great. Close ups after the jump.



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  • It was the neighbors, Mrs. Potts, Mr. Ciby on Illinois and others. They contributed the plants, the labor and the water. I thank them.

  • I second what Lisa said. They’re great – we’re lucky to have them!

  • So pretty! On my block our curb lawns are very long — I’ve been wondering if I should do a little garden on the curb lawn, but it seems daunting

  • A few neighbors wanted not only to clean up the areas in which trash was being dumped, but to add some beauty to the area as well. Mary started planting a few plants after thining out her garden. Ciby, Mrs. Washington, Leslie and a few others contributed as well. But Becky and Juanamie have done a lot of the work and you can fine them out there early in the morning planting, weeding and watering the garden. And now they have started planting across from this garden and around the base of the trees, it’s really looking very nice around here!

  • I’m very proud and pleased to say that we have worked very hard to make our neighborhood a beautiful place to live. Many of my neighbors have colorful, expressive bloom filled yards, and a few of us have taken it a step further. By simply extenting a splash of color here and there, to give a lttle curb appeal, (smile). I’m very grateful for the roses from Ciby, and the many flowers donated from Becky that helped to make this project all that it is. I’m also thankful for the neighbors who’s donations help give it the finishing touch!

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