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  • That final design looks great! I guess the only concern is the vast public housing complex on the north side… this could either turn into a great community resource or an open-air drug market.

  • Of course being a baseball fan, I nearly weeped when I saw the line of trees planted among the base lines.

  • i live half a block from this and am hoping and praying it works out. as bloomingdale said the public housing adjacent to it is very worrying – there are violent crimes at least weekly in that area 🙁

  • Certainly a dog park included in a larger, multi-use project with playing fields, plazas, community gardens and other stuff makes a LOT more sense than just plopping them down in the middle of the city. I still think dogs belong in the country, not stinking up neighborhoods, but that’s a battle I don’t expect to ever win.

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