Fire In Adams Morgan Last Night?

Seagrave 2006 front, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Anyone know if there was a fire in Adams Morgan last night?  Was it possibly for the movie being filmed?

A reader writes:

“Any idea what all the firetrucks on 18th street were for last night around 9:45? They were rerouting buses up and down Belmont.”

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  • I was on the roof of the Reef last night when the fire trucks came. There was smoke coming from the roof of the building across the street. They put a ladder up and firefighters were on the roof and in the building. I don’t know what ended up being wrong- but it looked like it was just a kitchen fire with a lot of smoke. It was entertaining to watch for 20 minutes though.

  • I’m pretty sure it was a kitchen fire at Madam’s Organ…

  • Does the front of the fire engine really say, “Pride of Petworth”? Cool.

    A few years ago I noticed that many, though not all, DC engines or pumpers (the basic trucks like this one) had their firehouse name on the front: “Capitol Hill”, “Chinatown”, etc. Very cool, and this “Pride” does it one better.

    I’ve seen firehouse names on some ambulances also, but haven’t (yet) seen them on ladder trucks.

  • It does say “Pride of Petworth.” We took off the “Petworth” that came with it and bought the one you see along with the decals on the side.

    Engines or Pumpers (also called wagons here in DC) are not a “basic” truck. It is, however, the most common fire fighting apparatus because it carries hose. All of the new ladder trucks (aka Truck Companies) have the neighborhood names on them as well.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks DC Fireman. Can you email me directly at princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com if you have a sec?

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