Fire at 1327 Randolph Street, NW (Wed. Night)


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“The fire seems to have started around 6:00 PM. Everyone in the house was evacuated and the fire dept. responded very quickly to contain the blaze. I don’t believe there were any injuries and the fire didn’t spread, thanks to the fast response. I don’t think the neighboring houses were damaged too badly other than smoke damage and likely some water damage from the fire dept. hoses, although the fire dept. had to break down some doors to gain access. Thanks to the fire and police depts. — they were out in force and did a fine job.”

Wow, the bars on the windows is frightening. Thankfully nobody was hurt.


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  • Another strike against those dreadful window bars.

  • Good lord, those bars don’t look like they can unlock from the inside. Thank goodness no one was hurt. BIG APPLAUSE for the fire department. The apartment complex across the street from me always has false alarms, but even then the firemen show up astonishingly fast.

  • You may find window bars “dreadful” from an aesthetic point of view, but they’re very useful as a break-in deterrent. It’s a small price to pay for probably the most effective security upgrade you can make in many neighborhoods (and don’t get me going on alarm systems, any competent thief knows they have 10-15 minutes minimum before anybody would ever show up in this city. By that time they are out the door with your stuff). Securing your house perimeter is where it’s at.

    That being said, I never understood window bars on the second floor or any window that you’d need a ladder to reach. And not having emergency releases when they are all barred up is just dumb!

  • Well bars with emergency releases are designed specifically so they cannot be opened from the outside. That would defeat their purpose. So unless the occupants opened them for the firemen, likely there was no way for the fire department to get into the building without using a chainsaw.

    Good to hear the occupants are safe.

  • My (late) grandfather was a Battalion Chief for the DC fire department, so I have nothing but love for firemen. Unlike the police, firemen never shirk from their duties, and face danger every single call they go out on. Take that, lazy DC cops! Keep ignoring us when we try to flag your cruiser down…

  • i recently saw an ambulance crew respond to someone who had collapsed in a restaurant (the collapsed person was inside, i was sitting on the sidewalk seating). let me tell you, i can’t imagine a slower, more lengthy process of getting out of a truck, pausing for a minute to look around and just sort of hang out waiting for the other guy to get out, then slowly getting equipment out of the back, and swaggering as slowly as possible into the restaurant than these EMS guys. seriously it was 2-3 minutes from when they pulled up in front of the door before they were through it. and this was in the west end. 2-3 minutes is life vs. death or permanent brain damage for someone who has collapsed. unbelievable. almost as much as the crime, that made me feel like i should be living in bethesda or arlington.

    anyway, that’s not to say the fire services are the same. but it was very disheartening.

    and on the window bars, at least one in each room should have those latches that release from inside! worst nightmare being trapped in a room with bars on teh windows in a fire.

  • Very lucky that everyone was fine, but there are a number of lessons to be learned from the fire…

    Security bars may help keep your family safe from intruders, but they can also trap you in a deadly fire!

    Security bars on windows and locked doors impede firefighters’ rescue attempts.

    Although I don’t have the numbers/stats, I would have to believe a very high number of seniors are the ones with the security bars and puts them in greater risk.

    It would be great to see DC Fire Department step-up and do some real public announcements on this issue! This would be worth every penny to save lives. Thanks to the Mayor to cut the budget on free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for residents.

  • I drove right past there at 6:15, from Kansas to Spring Road. Wondered what all the commotion was. Thanks for posting. Yay firefighters.

  • Please join others who are very kindly and generously leaving donations in the mail box outside of the front porch. It’s locked – only the residents have keys. Thank you.

  • As the neighbor with the door busted down, thanks to the fire dept. for making sure our house was not on fire, especially since we have 3 pets. And thanks to my neighbor who told me the vent shaft on the roof was busted open as well…it being in the attic I would not have known until water poured through my ceiling.

    Reminder: Have a working smoke detector on every floor.

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