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  • wedding favors! lol.

  • Here’s a great blog entry [not mine] about a visit some folks took to the place. Now I want to go:


  • i think there was an article in the post a while back about the two guys (brothers) that run the place. during the ’69 riots they stayed locked in the store armed to the teeth, and basically have never left the joint since then.

  • Dan, I nominate you to go in there and conduct an interview. Bring your buddy with the camera, too. They’re an odd bunch and I think you’d be the perfect person to get the true story behind Monarch Novelties and the Robinson boys.

  • Proceed with caution, POP… these guys are crazy. They are never open and once they were I went inside to check it out and they acted incredibly suspicious and followed me around watching my every move. They did everything they could to get me to leave, even though I really wanted to buy something from them. The store is filled literally with crap no one wants (I was looking for easter eggs not during the easter-season…) Again, I wholeheartedly believe this is a front operation for something besides crap you could win at a fair… are they old carnies that just can’t let go of their trinkets?? No one knows…

  • Interesting article about the Robinson’s from 2005.


  • Mine is the blog entry linked above about going to Monarch Novelties. I suggest you leave those guys alone. They will kill you.

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