Dear PoP – What’s Going on with Zenebach Injera Ethiopian Restaurant?


“Dear PoP,

I love reading your blog and thought you might be a good person to ask about what is happening at the former Zenebech Injera Ethiopian restaurant on T between 6th and 7th NW, a few doors down from the Howard Theatre. Any idea? There are building permits up and work seems to be going on inside but I haven’t seen anybody there to ask if they have any information. Anyway, it’s a pretty blighted block at the moment so it would be great if some new restaurant or shop was going in.”

A few folks have asked me about this spot and we discussed the nearby Yellow House Restaurant on the 600 block of T Street, NW. Sadly when I walked by last weekend there was a stop work order:


Though the other permits said the place will still be a restaurant. I’m not sure if there are new owners or not but I’ll be sure to monitor its progress and post updates. Does anyone happen to know if it is just renovations or will become a new restaurant?

Incidentally I didn’t realize that this area was called the Duke Ellington Plaza:


The Duke definitely deserves less shuttered store fronts on his plaza.

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  • Don’t know about the stop work order, but the last time I went by, there was a note saying they were closed for renovations, so I think they were planning on re-opening as Zenebech. I sure hope they do, since they had the best kitfo in town by a country mile. Just speculating, but they probably screwed up their building permits and got slapped with the orange order of doom.

  • man, friends have told me how awesome this place is and yet i’ve never seen it open. i wanna try it!

  • Have always been afraid to order from them. The place looks very dingy inside.

  • oh no! I live around the corner from this place and it’s great and had just thought about getting some dinner from there the other day for take-out. I didn’t realize it was closed, but at least it seems like it’s just temporarily. they portions are huge and it’s supercheap! great place. and definitely better hours than the yellow house. 😉

  • It is really really good Ethiopian for the price. Large veggie plate can be split between two people for around $8. They were renovating without proper permits and got caught. Hopefully they will be able to re-open in the near future. Also, in terms of Duke Ellington plaza, hopefully the Howard theater scheduled revamp next year will improve the general area and do justice to the plaza’s name.

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