Dear PoP – What’s Going on With Ghana Cafe?


“Hello PoP,

Over the past few weeks my friends and I have noticed that the Ghana Cafe (on 18th street in Adams Morgan) is going through a transformation. First they took down the sign, now they have gutted the whole building, installed new windows on all three floors and put up new internal walls. Could you work your magic and find out if it’s coming back as a shiny new Ghana Cafe or if it’s gonna be another Jumbo Slice?”

I took a look this weekend and the permits out front said that it was slated to become a retail or wholesale store. I think it would be great to add some retail to the mix of 18th Street. Anyone have any idea what type of retail this may become? What do you think would do well in this spot?


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  • well it’s not going to be Ghana Cafe. From their website:

    “Ghana Cafe is relocating. The reasons for the change of venue was sudden and abrupt. The situation was beyond our control. Rest assured that the new location will be an exciting one. “

  • Ghana Cafe – a great place for Red-Red and a Tusker beer. I hope their new location will be both exciting and not too far away.

  • Strip club!

  • I love Ghana Cafe, I hope the relocation doesn’t take too long.

  • I heard it’s going to be a fusion place called Ghana Slice. Huge slices of African-themed pizza.

  • Ghana left due to a landlord-tenant issue and word on the street is that a locally owned hamburger joint (NOT Five Guys) is opening up in that spot.

  • Ya word is the landlord’s son couldn’t make it in hollywood so they kicked the guys who ran ghana out and gave it to their kid.

  • Adams Morgan- Tell me you are talking about Good Stuff Eatery or Rays Hell Burger. please.

  • Z Burger

  • bleh. z burger doesnt float my boat.

  • Elevation Burger would be good…

  • Adams Morgan- you seem seem to be “in the know.” Any word on other happenings on 18th (or Columbia). What’s happening to the old Felix or Spy Bar? Are any of the vacants gonna be occupied?

  • Ray’s Hell Burger is an experience that is way overrated. I tried it out awhile back before Obama put it on the map. Now the line is always out the door. The burger I had was pretty good but not worth standing in line for an hour. And there is no such thing as a decent burger joint that does not serve french fries. There just isn’t; end of story.
    And if you are not going to serve french fries in your burger joint but instead opt for other “sides”, those sides should be really good. Good enough that true burger afficianados will overlook the fact that you are a burger joint with the audacity to not serve french fries. Ray’s Hell Burger does not serve french fries. And the sides at Ray’s Hell Burger, are not good at all.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • This is going to be a Hell Burger

  • Dunno if this is too late, but Ghana Cafe is relocating to Rhode Island and 14th Sts NW. It’s going to be directly south of the 7-Eleven, across the street from the former Dakota Cowgirl.

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