Deal Sealed For Building at 14th and T – Room & Board Furniture


Thanks to a reader for forwarding an email he received from Room & Board:

“We wanted you to be the first to know: We’ve purchased the Taylor Motors Building at 14th and T. Here’s a sneak peek just for our Customer Advisory Board members. This great building will be restored without taking away from its character or architectural details. We’re so excited to become a part of the neighborhood!”

While it’s not as exciting the Tryst type proposal it’s still great news that this building will finally have a new owner.

City Paper has a full press release from the company.

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  • Better than a vacant building, hopefully this news will spur additional development in the area.

  • Phew, this building’s saga is seemingly over. This is a good development indeed.

    It is wonderful to see the continuing revitalization of 14th Street — and encouraging to see a building sale in this real estate environment. Hopefully, the overall economic picture is improving!

  • Frankly, IMO, this is WAY more exiting than yet another bar/cafe!

  • Should have been an independent hipster book store

  • I agree with all of the above comments. This is great news for the for the neighborhood.

  • Hi all-we left DC 2 years ago and moved to the Twin Cities–where Room & Board is based. I had never heard of them before we moved out here, but once we got here we totally trolled the R&B outlet for furniture. Nice niche b/w Crate and Barrel and Design w/in Reach…modern but would still work well in a rowhouse. I can’t believe how much the neighborhood keeps changing…even after only 2 years away. CRAZY!

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