Coming to 1300 Block of L Street, NW


Thanks to a reader for sending the news. The reader hears Pizza Autentica, located at 1331 L Street, NW, will open in around a month or so. Anyone ever hear of Pizza Autentica before?


The reader also writes that on the same block:

“NYU plans to build its first

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  • Um, yeah I think there is one in the L’Enfant area but I can’t say I’ve ever been. Looks like kinda crappy food to schlep to the federal workers, but that’s just my impression by walking by it once or twice, and doesn’t mean much…

  • Yeah, one just opened up in SW. Eh…. It beats having to eat Potbelly for lunch every day.

  • There’s a Pizza Autentica in the Cleveland Park/Tenleytown area right near the Ruby Tuesdays south of the Ttown metro. I actually had lunch there for the first time today because I was trying to escape the rain. It was ok. Reasonably priced. Not too many options.

  • I just got a flyer for pizza autentica on my door yesterday…the address was in Mt Pleasant.


  • I work in that neighborhood, and while “Pizza Autentica” is an interesting prospect, the new curry takeaway joint on Vermont makes almost anything else, like, mootsville, baby.

  • I don’t know anything about the place, but I hope te pizza is autentic!

  • Hopefully it stays open later than other restaurants in the area. They would make a lot of money if they did. Every other restaurant closes at 4:30 p.m.

  • saf

    IA – tell me about this curry place? Thanks!

  • I believe there is a location on Mt. Pleasant Street, and from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty average.

  • Tried out the one near L’Enfant yesterday. The food was OK if you’re desperate for something other than a sandwich (there aren’t many options in this neighborhood) but I wouldn’t call it “good.” More just meh.

  • saf: That would be Spice Express on Vermont between K and L (in that strip between Corner Bakery & Juice Joint) — The curry itself is pretty un-remarkable, but hell: it’s cheap enough to compete with other lunches in the area AND they do a passable chicken vindaloo on a regular basis.

  • I work just across the street from here and can’t say how happy we are to have this place open up!! The food is good, they serve gelato, and the prices are very reasonable. Pizza Autentica is definitely going to be a staple in our lunch rotation!

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