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I don’t know how I missed this because I’ve always wondered what’s going into the “100% Mexico” spot at 1612 14th Street, NW. I was checking out the Metrocurean Coming Soon section and the first listing says:

“1612 14th St. NW
Chef and sustainability advocate Barton Seaver is partnering with Eli Hengst (Blue Ridge, Sonoma) and Doug Singer to open a seafood market and restaurant on 14th Street.”

That’d be great but I haven’t seen much progress, hopefully this project is still a go.

And not too far away at 14th and Q Streets, NW the big drycleaner on the corner is closing. (H/T DCist) Let the speculation begin for this prime locale. I’m guessing Cell Phone Company

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  • 100% Mexico… In the words of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons… “Worst.. Business.. Idea… Everrrr”

  • This is America, but we can have a business that is 100% Mexican. God bless Amereica.

  • I’d love to see a diner like Trios on 17th go into the Shirt Laundry site, and it would have to be called, “Shirt Laundry”

  • What a great idea! Shirt Laundry! I love it!!!

  • it’ll be a CVS

  • Well… I can’t go too far with this, because I never bought anything in the store, but in principle I’d love to see more ethnic housewares/crafts stores in DC. I wish their stock had been more complete, but I don’t think it was an inherently bad business concept.

  • I would love to see a Mortons, we need some high end places in CH

  • I have it on good authority that it’s going to be an Arby’s.

  • That 100% Mexice shop was actually a cool little place. I almost bought a beautiful mirror there and to this day I regret not going back to buy it.

  • Lord I hope the dry cleaner doesn’t become a bank, cell phone shop, or a CVS. What a waste of a great space that would be.

  • Ugh! That dry cleaner is such an eye sore on 14th… there is no way its a cvs as there is one not 2 blocks from there on P… but CVS is the new starbucks so I wouldn’t put anything past them…

  • I heard about Barton Seaver entering 14th street but didn’t know where, thanks! As for Dry Cleaner….I heard something months ago about a Raw Food restaurant going there…..time will tell I guess! Not sure if we have the market to sustain a raw food only restaurant.

  • Raw food restaurant? Please. That neighborhood is WAY more yuppie than hippie.

  • 100% Mexico was doing ok business but the landlord did not renew their lease because Restaurant Nora on the corner of Florida and R was going to open up an offshoot there. However, that fell through and so the place has remained empty till now.

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