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  • phenomenal

  • Now that’s how the top should be popped! I like the angled roof one better, because it provides the upper balcony space looking directly on Meridian Hill Park without sacrificing significant interior space, and the big wall of windows suggests to me that there may be a big open public room up there that can go fully open to the outdoors. But it also looks like there is roof access via a new stairwell (with the skylight in the first pic) on the other one, so maybe I am misunderestimating that one.

    Nice work on both fronts, in any case. I am supremely curious to know what quality pop-toppage like either one of these costs. I know the interior finishes will drive some of the costs, but what’s the ballpark for a renovation like this? Anybody with an inside track on either of these two jobs have a response?

  • I like the one on the left much better. It seems to fit better with the home’s original style better, although it is not completely true to the style.

    But I think the vinyl that is already warped and dented is a bit worrisome. I wonder how it will look in a few years.

    And I hope they paint the white trim. It looks really shabby next to the new addition.

  • that’s not vinyl. that’s tin.

  • saf

    I’m sorry, but I still hate them both.

  • I really like both.

  • All about the angled one! I love the combination of original and modern… Awesome!

  • I usually love mansard roofs, but the proportions on this one are not right. What a shame…

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