Bloomingdale’s Farmer’s Market on NPR Morning Edition

Mt. Pleasant Farmers' Market
Photo by PoPville flickr user ewilfong

You can find the audio here. From Morning Edition:

“The edible flower of a zucchini is a delicate and ephemeral treat. Blossom fans at a farmers market in Washington, D.C., recommend them stuffed with cheese and baked, fried in batter or eaten raw. But prepare them quickly

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  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Why did u use an image of the Mt Pleasant farmer’s market for a blog entry about the Bloomingdale farmer’s market???? Not. the. same.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hahaha. Oops that was an accident! Need more coffee…

  • Just had some fried zucchini flowers at a small local restaurant in Italy – they were amazing! I’m glad people eat them here, too…been meaning to suggest to the farmer that runs my CSA to throw in the flowers with the zucchini we’ll get this year, although I don’t want to add on any work for the guy. I wonder if it’s labor-intensive to harvest the flowers.

  • In Mexico, they also make them into a delicious soup.

  • Haven’t listened to the audio.

    Despite the awesomeness of the Takoma Park farmers market, I haven’t seen any zucchini blossoms yet there. Are they around elsewhere?

    Stuff the blossoms w/ goat cheese/kalamatas/onion/garlic and servie it with a fresco salsa. You’ll be happy.

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