Best Spot For a Morning Cup of Coffee

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I’ve never seen a little room off a porch like this before. This could be new favorite coffee spot. It’s from the Bloomingdale LeDroit Park neighborhood.


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  • That’s developer Brian Brown’s house. It is also well known as being the former residence of Anna Julia Cooper, for whom the circle at 3rd Street is named after. Paul Williams found some really cool photos of this little room in use back in the day. I’ll poke around and see if I can find them.

  • …and (here it comes!) it’s in ledroit park, not bloomingdale. 2nd street is the dividing line…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @IMGoph fixed it. Dang I hesitated a bit before posting debating b/w Bloomingdale and LeDroit. Good to know 2nd is the dividing line!

  • I pass this house on my new bike route – I’d seen a story about the renovation, but hadn’t seen it in person. It’s a fantastic house…and I have to say the more I see of LeDroit Park, I think it’s a beautiful neighborhood.

  • I used to walk by this house for years. It;s an embarassment tha the remodel is still going on. A shame for a glorious house.

  • he basically stopped remodelling it and piled a bunch of shitty junk on his porch. i had very high hopes for this place but ever since he decided to put exercise equipment and dart boards and whatnot on the porch and never fix the fence… i don’t know anymore.

  • fyi, i think it’s the same brian brown that’s trying to resell the north cap firehouse for lots of $$$ after it was practically gifted from the city with a promise of development.

  • saf

    PoP, how did you miss the African American Heritage Trail sign on the wall?

  • yes it’s the very same brian brown – the same guy who developed those horrifying four story pop-ups on north cap just north of new york avenue without windows on the third floor.

    i’m sure there are very good reasons he feels the need to leave workout equipment on his porch, and i try to be neighborly and assume the best, but it’s gotten a little old. particularly as i’ve heard he spent a ton of money putting in an elevator and digging out the basement of this place but left the exterior unlandscaped and fence in tatters.

  • I’m not a Brain Brown fan. He has lofty promises but seldom carries through with them. The firehouse which the city gave him a deal on his now tagged with gang graffiti after he halted restoration. He had given excuses for the stop such as people parking in front preventing deliveries but it turns out money ran out. Seems him and the women who was going to open up Martini2020 have conflicting stories as to why things stopped. I tend to believe her.

    I understand a developer needing to make money but i have yet to see one positive thing he’s done for the neighborhood. He seems to squat on prime property letting it fall in disrepair.

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