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  • is this place good? never been

  • I ate at Anna Maria’s once — in 1980. The same sign that PoP loves was hanging outside then, too. The food wasn’t awful, but I haven’t found any compelling reason to return there during the last 29 years. I was always under the impression about the only people who ate there were conventioneers from the Washington Hilton who didn’t know anything about local restaurants and would settle for the first non-chain (once Buca di Beppo opened) Italian place they found down the hill. One wonders whether the Hilton’s current renovation (which appears to have closed half the hotel), in conjunction with the current recession, has caused Anna Maria’s patronage to decline severely.

  • As a neighborhood resident I have enjoyed eating at Anna Marias several times in the past 10 years. It oozes charm, accommodates large parties and the food is good. It’s not haute cuisine by any means but its a solid choice for a evening out with friends who are up for a little red sauce, some affordable wine and classic Italian kitsch.

  • i always thought that sign was advertising a beauty salon for those big-haired, Jersey gals!

  • Lived in AM for ten years, never set foot in the place, and never met anyone who has. looking in the windows, it appeared untouched from the 1950’s. renovation is probably in order.

  • Ana Marias has been around forever. Old school red check tablecloth Italian. If you just want spaghetti and meatballs, you could do a lot worse than this place. A great little relic from a bygone, less pretentious era. I hope they don’t get rid of the dank. Half the charm was the slight mafioso atmosphere.

  • You do understand that “closed for renovation” is restaurant industry code for anything from “we’re bankrupt” to “the health department shut us down.” The one thing it usually does NOT mean is … “closed for renovations.”

    Which is a real shame, cuz I love the sign.

  • if they do get rid of the sign, I think PoP should get it. he could start a “sweet sign” collection in his house! 🙂

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