Adams Mill Bar and Grill is Ready for its Close-Up, Mr. DeMille (By Charles)

Movie 009

You might want to wander over to Adams Morgan tonight where the out-of-towners will likely be movie stars and not legislative correspondents. Or you might want to avoid the whole neighborhood entirely since the sheer volume of street space taken up by massive trucks, dollies and other movie-making equipment almost guarantees traffic hassles. I’ve stumbled across the no-name-yet Nicholson/Witherspoon/Rudd vehicle in a couple of locations across town – even watched Jack and Paul emote for a few takes across the street from the Scientologists, at Connecticut and R, the other day — but the sheer size of this effort suggests that tonight is going to be a big night. And face it, everyone needs to get through Adams Morgan every now and again, if only to remind themselves why they rarely go there any more, and a Wednesday night with a movie shoot for curbside entertainment beats heck out of a Friday night with rookies puking on the curb.


Ed. Note: I still enjoy going to Adams Morgan from time to time! Here is a list of favorite bars we discussed a couple weeks ago. So, I’ve been getting emails pretty regularly asking why certain areas of AM are closed (including the Duke Ellington Bridge). This is the film I’ve been talking about when I email you back. And in what I’ll call great timing, PoPville flickr user Tyrannous got some great shots of the filming last night.

more direction

“reese witherspoon, paul rudd, james L. Brooks on the corner of 18th and columbia ave in front of the starbucks filming a yet to be titled movie.”

Paul Rudd meeting DC

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  • I really think a lot more movies would be filmed on location in dc if the town wasnt filled with post grad trasnplants who freak out when they see an actor and a camera. go on about your business and let them work. on my bike home yesterday there were like a million retards just standing around waiting to get a glimpse of a celeb so they could cell pic it to their friends back home. Id rather people didnt get in their way so more movies shoot here. adding to the economy and depicting DC more accurately then it would be shot on a lot in LA.

  • Anon 11:36, if you don’t think people everywhere in this nation of ours freak out about movies and movie stars, you’re crazy. See TMZ and the E channel. People even freak out over lame reality “stars” like the Hills people. It’s the world we live in, but at the same time, who cares? Let em have their fun. They probably think Doors of the Day are lame, too.

  • Permits and costs for movies in DC are huge, this is great exposure for the city and some cool insight to the industry. People should get over the crowds as they will always happen(even on baseball day), im sure hollywood understands if you dont film on a closed set, people will gawk, they are prepared for that by routing traffic and using people naturally walking through, i was in a shot last night, walking through a rudd/witherspoon scene, and im sure filming from 9pm to 5am alot of people didnt get in the way. it would be depressing for the stars and production company if no one cared or no one was there to watch.

  • Paul Rudd is so damn cute!

  • Does anyone know anything about this film crew’s production assistants having access to dc vehicle registration and driver’s license info? Myself and several neighbors were ‘tracked down’ and asked to move our legally parked cars for the film crew. I’m all for more filming in DC, but this was just shady. Did MPD just give the film crew access to DMV files? I doubt this was legal.

  • apparently the movie is tangentially about the nationals where a closer pitcher (rudd?) falls in love with a hot chick (witherspoon?) they were talking about it on the nationals game broadcast last night and making fun of the fact that neither a national or a closer would get a hot girl.

  • so its like Major League or something? who is playing Arseneo Hall?

  • We love you too, movie making people! Keep on bringing in the $$$, we have a few metro trains to fix….

  • @OntarioRoader–I’m not entirely certain, but I do believe there are means for private individuals to obtain DMV records. There are many kinds of entities that utilize this information. Private investigators, debt collectors, insurance claims adjusters, and employers, for example. The records aren’t free, the inquirer pays a service, but I don’t think it is illegal for them to obtain the information.

    As far as the crews asking you to move your car, well, there’s nothing illegal in asking a question. If they’d told you that you were required to move your car, or attempted to tow it, that would probably be illegal.

  • Apparently this is a real fantasy script. Not only does the Nationals reliever get the hot girl – he also gets a save. [rimshot]

  • Anon 11:36, I don’t think people are over-gawking. I saw Paul Rudd standing outside the trailers on the Ellington bridge last night after work and tons of people walked past on their way from the Metro without really caring.

  • Where can I go to see street closures for this thing? has nothing that I can find.

  • You probably want to talk to the office of motion picture and television development. I don’t believe think they post street closures though. You’ll have to call them, and even then they may not be able to tell you. Filming isn’t 100% predictable so sometimes permits aren’t obtained until a few hours before filming begins, sometimes locations are scouted but never used, etc.

  • I wonder if the director is aware of what sort of place Adams Mill Bar & Grill is. Does one of the characters get wasted there, vomit all over the back of a cab on the way home, and then fall down unconscious from alcohol poisoning?

  • Anon at 2:56 – too soon, maybe?

  • The onwership of Adams Mill Bar & Grill is far more questionable than the standard drinkin’n’pukin that goes on there and everywhere else on the block.

  • are we sure this movie is about baseball and not a mockumentary about kickball douche?

  • i heard paul rudd was at the red derby a few nights ago.

  • I heard Paul Rudd likes to tip cows, re-arrange people’s sock drawers when he’s visiting their homes, then down handfuls of bennies with a jug of Gallo wine before he practices his Tai Chi.

    Or maybe that was Paul Newman (RIP).

  • I heard that they were also filming in the lobby of my old condo on R between 14th and 15th. And they used one of the condos as a “model” for what will be Reese W’s apt in the movie.

  • The movie is a love triangle between Paul Rudd (white collar exec), Owen Wilson (baseball pitcher) and Reese. Jack plays Paul’s dad.

  • “i heard paul rudd was at the red derby a few nights ago.”

    He was. He sat at the bar until closing and was pretty inviting when it came to random, drunken bar patrons walking up to start conversations. Seems like a cool guy.

  • yeah they were at the Red derby Friday and Saturday they closed the bar down Saturday was pretty cool they took some photo’s with everyone…But i would have enjoyed meeting reese witherspoon

  • I was there when this was shooing and it looks hilarious! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Very cool indeed!

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