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It was nice to see this guy making balloon animals for the kids at the corner of 14th and Irving, NW (near the CH metro). And the tips are going to a good cause.


I wonder, though, if this is just another sign of the bad economy.

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  • This is just a sign that this guy has never heard of a student loan. We all have them, and we will all be paying them off well into our 30’s. Don’t drag the bad economy into this.

  • I saw this guy the other day too. And AJ, I admire that he’s out there trying to minimize his student loans. I scrambled with all kinds of jobs to minimize my debt. While it may be an informal job, at least he’s out there taking his future into his own hands.

  • How can we assume he doesn’t have student loans? Many people with student loans had part time jobs in addition–in fact it would be stupid to take out loans and not even attempt to work. This guy seems to have come up with a pretty creative way to earn his money that probably works really well around his school schedule.

  • Why should anyone have student loans into their 30s? Just because it happens doesn’t make it right – on a side night, at the age of 33, I paid off my last college loan 2 months ago. When my parents were in college in the mid-60s, they were able to work in the summer to pay for the next year’s tuition, and they went to decent schools (A.U. and Indiana University). The rate of college tuition inflation has far far far outpaced the increase in salaries.

  • C’mon, he can’t make more than a few dollars a day doing this. There have to be more effective ways to earn money, even Mickey Ds.

  • And by “college loans” he means “tab at Wonderland.” I’m not saying it’s not a valid college expense.

    And JohnnyReb, yeah, I will be paying probably into my 40s. I got a ton of scholarships but my parents were able to pay almost nothing of my fancy liberal arts education so the rest of it came from Uncle Sam. Not everyone who goes to college has parents who can help out.

  • Megan, I went to a fancy ol’ Southern school, but don’t feel that the money I spent (my parents didn’t contribute) was worth the degree I got. In retrospect, I would have been better off going to the U of Maryland.

    My point was that college shouldn’t be so expensive, and thus unattainable to so many people.

  • Federal law also makes it difficult for people to pay that debt off too. While the current interest rates linger near 3% many people who were forced to consolidate when rates were high a decade ago are locked into 8.5% loans with no way out other than to burn down Sallie Mae’s offices. When student loans became a big business everyone got fat and happy except for the students. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=9830689

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