A Divine Sign

DSCN0552, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Those must be some damn fine hair cuts…

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  • So the lord has “blessed” her with the hands to alter how he created someone’s hair by adding weave, perms, braids, etc? Is that what I am to take from this sign. 🙂

  • Something tells me that implying that Jesus is an active participant in your hairstyling business via “annointing” [sic] is sacrilegious, especially when you misspell “anointed”.

  • Vonstallin

    Well I’m glad my hands are not anointed…..because id be commiting a sin weekly :p

  • “I know my hands are blessed – everyone who sees my work yells ‘Jesus!'”.

  • WWJD? Obviously not accept money for the haircut right? So they are free? It’s not like they demanded money for the wine he created from water and they did not charge the people to eat bread and fish that were magically.. er I mean by the power of God.. multiplied into many from just a few.

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