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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?


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  • Rant – Mosquitoes. The organic hardware store products aren’t cutting it, we need an environmentally-safe, inter-jurisdictional treatment for these pests. Definitely my #1 annoyance of living here.

  • Oh boy Geezer – I’m with you. My kingdom for a Maletheon truck. I’m starting to become anemic.

  • It’s been a pretty sad week, I vote for Raves.

    Rave – Next Day Blinds measured my windows today and I’m getting new blinds next week, wheee!

  • wait, next day blinds is delivering your blinds next week? isnt that a bit annoying?

  • Good mosquito control reminder – after all this rain, everyone should do a yard-check for standing water – even a bottlecap full of water makes a nice hatchery.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rave – christopher’s comment. hahaha. Awesome.

  • Rant: Way too much death this week! I just found out my old assistant basketball coach from high school passed away yesterday.

    @Nita: Shouldn’t you be getting your blinds tomorrow, per their name?

    Rave: It’s friday!

  • hmmm, maybe I should sue?

    I’m just happy I don’t have to get changed in my closet anymore. 🙂

  • I’m not sure if this is a Rant, really. This week has just been so very heavy. Train derailments, not one, not two, but three deaths (MJ you will be missed but never forgotten), oh and Andy Hughes of The Orb died as well, so i guess thats makes four. Point is, it’s been a crappy week both professionally and @ home. These are times when being able to bend the space time continuum just to catch a freaking break wouldn’t be so bad–just to get away from it all, very quickly. Thanks for the op. to non-rant.

  • Nita’s rave – “next day blinds” is delivering the blinds next week lol. That just made me laugh. (yes yes I understand it’s probably next *business* day… but still)

    Rave: going to the beach for the weekend!
    Rave: sunshine
    Rant: Metro’s inability to perform routine maintenance to prevent deaths.
    Rant: @geezer & bloomingdale – I’ve only lived here for a year, so I’m not used to the mosquitoes yet. I couldn’t figure out where all these bug bites were coming from and why I’m so itchy! Now I know. Ugh.
    Rant: a cyclist almost mowing me down today going the WRONG WAY down a one way street. I yelled at him as he blew his stupid little whistle at me “maybe you should try riding the right way” and he said “oh like you always go the right way” as if pedestrians can endanger lives by walking the wrong way on a sidewalk, and he took off so I SCREAMED at him “IT’S A F***ING ONE WAY STREET YOU A***OLE!” Not one of my prouder moments. I wrote a letter to Mayor Fenty saying that cyclists should be required to register their bikes and have visible license plates so when attacking pedestrians we can at least write down who the heck they are. Also a nice cash cow for the DC govt. Stupid cyclists.

  • @Nita: Glad you will be able to come out of the closet next week!;-)

  • Rave – My funny fellow Petworthians. You guys are cracking me up today! Thanks for cheering me up!

  • @Nita,
    I second that. I was frustrated today until I read all these posts about your blinds!

    Rant: Mystery bruises…where the hell do they come from?!?
    Rave: Mystery bruises, I guess it also means I was probably having a good time!

    No matter how fun it looks, don’t try to do headstands on the sand!!! I spent all last week unable to look up or to the right while at the beach 🙁

  • @Kalia – haha oh man up until you said “sand” I was like… but I *wasn’t* doing headstands in front of the biker… Man it’s definitely a good thing I’m getting away this weekend lol. On the headstand note – I was doing a headstand in my dorm room a bunch of years ago and I was against the wall; one of my roommates walks in and calls my name, so I turned my head to see her and man, I couldn’t turn my head for like a week. I never knew you weren’t supposed to turn your head whilst doing headstands!

  • Rant – the dude in the office down the hall loudly whistling “I’ll Be There” with hope that some fool will swoop into his office and say, “Were you just whistling a Michael Jackson song? Oh, how au-courant of you – let’s waste a couple of hours together talking about how Michael Jackson affected my life!” Primo Idiotoes.

    Related Rant – the over personalization over the life events and deaths of celebrities. With all of the neglect of (what I consider to be) actual commitments and responsibilities (egs. one’s own children, siblings, parents, and friends) and the absence of recognition of everyday heroes (those who care for their own children, siblings, parents, and friends), this present front-of-the-brain, maxed-font, above-the-fold, multiple-headline look-at-me-Michael-Jackson-Just-Died mentality is irking me big-time, but not as much as mosquitoes.

  • rave: i just ate an afternoon chocolate snack.

    rant: Mel- Thanks a lot. After living here for a year you choose to write a letter to Mayor Fenty asking him to make cyclists register bikes and have plates so you can identify us? Yikes. Did you move here to work for the CIA? Why not just give every citizen a number to strap on like a marathon runner, so we can keep really good tabs on each other? Or that way maybe cyclists could report the pedestrians that walk out into the middle of the street when the cyclist has the green light and right away, since that has been known to happen too. Although not by you I’m sure.

  • rant: office whistlers, office fingernail clippers, office speakerphone talkers
    rave: two weeks on the beach away from the sounds of work

  • Rave: It’s been sunny, low humidity and in the mid-70s all week! ALL WEEK!

  • Rave: FINALLY finishing and submitting my first DCCAH grant today!
    Rave: TGIF!
    Rave: YOU GO MAL! I’ve been known to comment similarly at cyclists. They can’t have it both ways–you can’t get angry with drivers for disobeying the law and hitting cyclists if those pedaling pranksters aren’t following the rules of the road either (including: not stopping at stop lights or stop signs, not yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, going the wrong way down a one-way street?! Jeez.)
    Rave: I’m excited to meet PoP this weekend to pick up a PoP t-shirt 🙂 (thanks!!)

  • rave: heading to nyc to meet up with my boyfriend for an awesome weekend!

    rave2: the thought of bikes being required to have visible ID numbers and registrations like motor vehicles!

    rave3: geezers rant!

  • Rave: Ooh, PoP t-shirts? must. have. one. Trade you for a Pete’s t-shirt, Dan.

  • (PoP, sorry in advance for the flood of requests for PoP t-shirts you may get–I’m just really excited about it and counted it as a rave!).

  • Now on WAMU (no lie) – someone talking about how he ran to the Starbucks in Penn Quarter TO BE WITH OTHER PEOPLE when he heard of Michael Jackson’s passing and how seeing pictures of a young Michael Jackson on TV reminded him of how 7th St, NW looked when he was young. WHAAAATT?!?!? MADDNESSS!! AAAAAHHHH!! I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!!!

  • Rave for Mal!

    I would love this city to be more cyclist friendly, but I would also love more friendly cyclist. And making them accountable would be a step.

  • Vonstallin

    My pettie boss demoted me and reduced my salary by $7,000 for 2 months because I wore earings to work. (No office policy says I can’t..just him).

    Rant: 0.5
    The office snitch that ratted me out keep trying to be friends after this crap…

    I saw Transformers two times this week…but made a mental note never to goto “The UPTOWN Theater again”…between all the kids and sophmore AU folks I was annoyed. and my neck hurts from sitting on the second row. This sounds more like a rant dont it.

    Its friday and I dont have shit 2do.

    It’s friday and I dont have shit 2do.

  • Rant: a pedestrian almost mowing me down today going AGAINST THE CROSS WALK SIGNAL as I was riding my bike (the right way) to work. I didn’t yell at him. I wrote a letter to Mayor Fenty saying that pedestrians should be required to register themselves and have visible license plates (Flava Flav clock style, preferably) so when attacking cyclists while walking with their Blackberries we can at least write down who the heck they are. Also a nice cash cow for the DC govt. Stupid cyclists, they’re clearly the only scofflaws in this fine town.

  • Rant: I woke up this morning incredibly dizzy and it has only sort of subsided. But i did take the day off from work…
    Rave: Jazz in the Sculpture Garden and Happy hour with a friend home on leave tonite, a decent date last night, a clear saturday to catch up on house stuff.

  • Rant: For an major city that is no more than a few miles across at its widest point the lack of pedestrian transportation opportunities in this area is unacceptable. Bike lanes are scant and often disconnected if they exist at all, taxi cabs and aggressive drivers risk the lives of pedestrians at each intersection, and a general lack of bicycle parking facilitates theft and vandalism. Plenty of cyclists drive like jerks, what is your point? Plenty of pedestrians and drivers are just as bad or worse. I’ll be happy to register my bike when the city improves pedestrian transportation infrastructure, removes errant bikers and abandoned bikes from the sidewalk, and provides general services which make me an equal on the road.

    Rave: Girlfriend is coming to visit, BBQ on my buddies houseboat Saturday, loving every minute of this warm weather.

  • Vonstallin

    Whats all this registering bicycles n stuff i keep hearing about?

    When i was a kid back in the 80’s you was “suppose” to register your bike with the fire department (but not required). They would stick on a registration sticker for like $1.

  • Rave: Riding my bike all weekend.
    Rant: People that continue to group all cyclists as idiots and yell at me even after I stop at red lights and follow the laws of the road. But yeah, were stupid, and deserve to die for riding a bike as I was told during a ride the other day.

    Of course a license plate would solve everything. I guess it would force intelligence and responsibility on cyclists in the same way it does for drivers.

    Everyone could stand to act a little better on the road.

  • If DC ever gets statehood, I understand the state name will be New Columbia. Fine. Whatever. But what is the postal service going to do? What will our 2-letter postal code be? NC? Nope, it’s taken. NE? Also taken. There aren’t any codes that don’t start with the first letter, so it has to start with an N, right? NW? Too confusing. NK (New Kolumbia)? NB? See what I mean? It keeps me up at night….

  • Rant: If you are in a monogamous relationship and one of you doesnt want to have [email protected] It’s called CELIBACY. After a few years, it is then referred to as DIVORCED. ARE WE CLEAR ON THIS!!!!!! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGG

    Rave: In my air conditioned office safe from the roving packs of Mad Max-Esque bycyclists and courriers, whose only aim is to terrorize pedestrians and people who order custom blinds.

  • @djdc …why does it havta be New Columbia? that sounds pretty dumb to me. I think Washington DC is just fine and as far a our abbrev. is concerned I think DC will do just fine.

    @rg – bummer dude(tte)

  • Rave- How about the person who hangs the trash bags on each side of the Porter Street as it runs into the park? So instead of littering on the long walk through, people can just put trash in there. That is one person(or more?) doing their part for the greater good.

  • @Flipflopirate — I agree. I just remember hearing (maybe from Ms. Norton’s newsletter) that the name has already been selected, New Columbia. I think even just “Columbia” is better than that. Maybe they’ll change it when they realize the huge headache they’ll cause for the postal people!

    By the way, for the longest time I read your name with the emphasis placed the same as the word “inveterate,” something like “flip-flop-uh-rut,” and I thought you must be serious about flip-flopping, or really good at it…er sumpin. Then one day it hit me that it’s more likely pronounced like two words, “flip-flop-eye-rayt,” and that you are really mad at flip-flop footwear. Cool. Or you’re a pirate who wears sandals.

  • Rave: The majority of plants in my garden are starting to really grow and some of them have flowers!

    Rant: I’m with Geezer on the mosquitoes. I have to bath myself in bug spray to garden.
    Rant2: I haven’t attracted any butterflies to the garden yet.

  • Rant: Missed both my classes taking care of moving stuff.

    Rave: Dropped off a bunch of stuff to Goodwill so while we can’t use it, someone else can.

    Rant2: Was planning on going to afternoon class but spent almost two hours on the phone with Verizon figuring out internet.

    Rave2: Moving to DC tomorrow, weather looks cooperative, folks helping out. Here’s hoping everything fits in the truck and we can park it tomorrow, with Eastern Market reopening and all.

  • Nice one rg, my problem too, almost.

    Rave: I am so horny

    Rant: my wife won’t do me

    Rave: The image of a sexy woman wearing a dog head

  • @djdc – That’s funny I always thought it was flip-flo-pirate, I just assumed he was friends with the ‘reformed somali pirate’ contributor. But it makes more sense that it would be flip-flop-eye-rayt

  • Rant: The KricKet kiosk with the giant working phone near my ofice by Mt. Vernon Square keeps making me think I am losing my mind.

    Rave: Closing on my first house on Monday. Moving in to Ft. Totten soon!

  • Rave: Neigborhood cops who serve free BBQ.

  • Haha @djdc, Naomi, and whoever else cares… I always meant it to read Flip-Flop-Pirate (the ‘p’ serves two masters) so djdc’s last assumption was correct. However, I do have a tendency to wax poetic about a number of silly things in a series of disconjoined rants so perhaps Flip-Flop-Irate is an appropriate assumption as well. That said, I’ve been thinking of changing my handle to ‘Incognito Forajido’ and starting a blog of the same name, thoughts? Anyone want interested in more DC-based scribble and intellectually absent dribble?

  • I have always been a fan of yours flipflopirate so yes – I would be interested in your scribble dribble scrabble drabble

  • RG2: Same boat on all counts.
    begining to look like strip club season.
    Rave: young sexy interns.

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