Wild Car on V Street (Just West of 14th)

DSCN9598, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Definitely making a bit of a statement with this ride, yeah?

It’s the Excalibur!


If Steve McQueen and Dean Martin owned one then it has got to be pretty bad ass.

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  • This weekend I watched “Pritzi’s Honor” for the first time, and Kathleen Turner’s character drives a red Excalibur convertible!
    As a kid I thought these were sooooooo elegant – now, it seems a tad vulgar. I think they were just knock-offs of an old Mercedes design from the ’30s…

  • I saw that car on 5th Street just below K Street last week. hard to miss!

  • forgot to mention the car spotting was in NW.

  • Wonder if it’s the real-deal or a kit car? MPD had [maybe still has] one that was seized from a drug dealer in the ’80’s and painted up as a cruiser with the D.A.R.E. logo on the side. I think the ‘message’ was supposed to be if you deal drugs and buy nice sh*t we will take it from you and turn it into a rolling joke.

    I kinda think Excaliburs were tacky rolling jokes to begin with…

  • Yep. Parked right in front of the methadone clinic. Sorta figures.

  • Rick James had one too! They’re built in the body style of the old Mercedes or Rolls Royce Phantoms but are, surprisingly, American made. Most have hard tops. Sorry, geeking out over here….

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