What is PoPville?

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Yesterday there was some discussion about who we are. I’ve also been asked this question a number of times. Allow me to share my vision. In PoPville we are indeed a diverse community. Diverse in many ways including age, race, sexual orientation, gender etc. We are also a group that embraces who we are. We know what we like and what we don’t like and are happy to debate it intelligently. We are sick of crime. We seek to build community. We volunteer. We hold our politicians accountable. We love food of all varieties. We like to know what development is going on in the city. We appreciate architecture. We are curious about real estate. You are among the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever “met”. We like gardens and some of us like doors. We are curious. We share our good times and our bad times.  We like music, art, film and exploring those options available to us. We are not the arbiters of cool nor do we care to be. We have a sense of humor. We are (mostly) respectful of each other even when we disagree. We have a passion for our neighborhoods. But what really makes us unique is the incredible combination of the attributes above which, I like to think, make up the beautiful life.

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  • Is community a carbon copy of what other communities have done?
    Family values are important as without it society will be poorer for not having a solid foundation, family, faith and the like, as I not might agree with everything, but respectful.
    Fair housing is another necessity as not everyone can afford high end luxuries but many make do on what they have, as the people and families who have been here for generations it matters desperately that they remain, as for crime; education, family, faith and charity are important factors in society.

  • Been reading for awhile, delurking just to say that this is a lovely post! I particularly appreciate the willingness to embrace the ‘ands’ of life, and of your readers. Thanks for providing this conduit for community.

  • Well done, PoP! 🙂

  • We are a community of individuals unafraid of being un-ironic, on an internet that otherwise seems to exist mostly as vehicle for broadcasting snark and single-minded vitriol.

  • Extremely well spoken, sir.

    Of course you forgot to mention that among all those other things, we are also hallucinating a gale of rainbow ferret gas like a shroud of demonic candy smoke, coating the computer monitor like an angel’s airbag……

    or is that just me?

    eh, nevermind.

  • We are also quite the pizza loving connoisseurs, given our ongoing debates on that particular delectable treat. 🙂

  • Well said! I couldn’t agree more.

  • I’m with 2b3s: great to find a community online that is earnest, hopeful, and isn’t afraid to take some risk to make substantive change.

  • We like Arby’s

  • And some of us like the Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar.

  • . . . and we talk about Columbia Heights WAAAAAY more than Petworth.

  • IntangibleArts- not just you, my friend.

  • why would angels need airbags?

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