Vegetable Garden of the Day (Reader Submitted)

Peas 002

The reader writes:

“Three years trying now – notice it is a small scrap of rowhouse yard – finally a huge crop!”

Nicely done! I’m hoping to finally get cucumbers this year…

Peas 003

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  • this looks like a spread in High Times

  • Looks like peas, not cucumbers.

  • um…i hate to break it to you…those are peas, not cucumbers.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry yes of course those are peas that the reader sent in. I’m trying to grow cucumbers.

  • Ahoy !

    Raised bed success. Early crop. Well done.

    Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi

  • YUM. I have a similar scene in my rowhouse backyard and harvested a bunch of peas last night… shrimp + pasta + cream sauce + home-grown peas = delicious!

  • I like to harvest snow peas when they’re still flat. These look way overripe to me. But kudos for the bumper crop!

  • WDC – They’re not snow peas – but green/garden peas – you don’t eat the pod but shell them when the the pod is fully plumped up. They have a life span of about 6 hours after picking! (After which the sugars convert to starch and nubile delicacy vanishes.)

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