Universal Gear on 14th Street Robbed

Thanks to a reader for sending. Universal Gear is located at 1529 14th Street, NW. The description says:

“$500 REWARD for information leading to the arrest of these individuals!
please contact us at [email protected]
or call us at 202/319.0136

Gang 9 criminals rob the Universal Gear mens clothing store in Washington, DC on 5.13.09”

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  • That is bad, nevertheless, I can’t stop laughing at tghe white dude who enters at 0:13 ahahahahhahahaahahha

  • Why do they put cameras so high that you can’t see the faces?

  • Those sales clerks are lucky they didn’t get shot or stabbed trying to ‘stop’ the guys from leaving. What are they holding? Yard sticks or pieces of display rods? Not smart.

    I ran a retail op similar to this for a while. Mob robberies like this just kinda happen, though fairly rarely thankfully. Not much you can do to stop them when you’re outnumbered like mad like this.

    What are the options though… buzz-for-entry like jewelry or high-end places like I think Bang & Olufsen does down the street? That basically means you have to profile every person to admit or deny entry, which in this town means you’re gonna end up in a heap of trouble sooner or later.

  • Seriously, If you’re putting in security cameras it seems like you might as well spend the extra few hundred on some good ones. That said, it really shouldn’t be too hard for the police to ID these guys. You know, if they cared to. I’d like an update on this in a few days…

  • that was a pretty odd robbery.

    i would love to have seen that sales guy knock one of those dudes cold with that stick.

  • I’m glad that DC thugs are starting to dress in lycra muscle shirts and “shape enhancing” bikini briefs. They probably felt out of place at Rehoboth, and needed to make ammends.

  • Oh. That’s really sad. Sad that those ridiculous excuses for people have to resort to stealing clothes to look good for the ladies (or gentleman). And so sad those store owners can’t freely run their business without haveing to watch and wait for pathetic people like that to walk into their store.

  • I’m so outraged by this that I wish I was there with a baseball bat to bit the crap out of one of them.
    The sad part is that nothing will happen to these thugs and the police won’t lift a finger to do anything about it.

  • What time of day did this happen? And what is that stick in the store clerks hand? I agree with ontarioroader: those clerks looked like they were batting away flies, not robbers. Were they not freaked out that one of them may have had a weapon??? And, what were people on the sidewalk thinking when they saw 8 guys running up the streets with their hands full of clothes on hangers? Did no one see that?

  • i have shopped at universal gear many many times (not so much now that i’m older)…but had i worked there, and a large group of black kids came in dressed like thugs, i probably would have called the police immediately. i know that’s awful. watching the beginning of that video, you can tell that those boys coming in are not there for the latest underwear sale. a group of two, fine, probably wouldn’t think twice, but 8 or 9. it’s the same gut feeling i get when walking down the street at night and see the same thing: something not good is about to happen.

  • As if we needed it, proof that our fine city is rampant with young kids who have nearly complete disregard for civil society. Running around like they own the town, selling drugs, carrying guns, beating up lone white women. If you plan to move to this city, watch this video and think to yourself, do I trust that I won’t encounter such young punk thugs far too often for comfort! Seriously, rampant is no understatement. The police have just about zero control over it, and of course citizens have just about no recourse other than to rant about it on this site.

    Just last night another one bit the dust in Shaw, bullet to the head. I wonder when the retalition shots will be fired, where, and by whom. Leading the nation in youth homicides (it certainly seems that way), what a great freakin’ legacy for our city leaders.

    Youth violent offender registry NOW.

    I gotta say, though, the new hairstyles of these young punk thugs rocks! Nothing like the old fros from the 70s.

  • This is deeply distrubing and I’m truly saddened! FORCED STERILIZATION NOW……lol just kidding…………….I think……

  • Gentrification is great. It gives us hope that one day thugs like these will be swept out to PG County.

  • Society fails in some very ugly ways once a critical mass of its people decide to become parasites. Watching the US approach this threshold of societal breakdown is heartbreaking.

  • You think they’ll be swept out into PG county? I wonder what happens to these guys when their grandparents die and the house is foreclosed to settle accounts. They’ll probably end up squatting some baby mama’s Section 8 in Columbia Heights, just like the last generation did.

    Pro: they have a 27-year life expectancy. Con: They begin prolifically reproducing at 15.

  • All the gays want to move to 14th street. WHY??? Dupont is safer. Why put up with all the trash living on 14th and beyond?

  • It just really pisses me off that some people think they have the right to take things that do not belong to them. Where does that logic come from?

  • Reading comments like this on blogs like this one and DCist really makes me laugh. Y’all’s commentary is proof that no one really cares. Why aren’t you volunteering w/the kids or attending meetings or organizing neighborhood patrols or introducing yourself to your neighbors? Too occupied with expensive chicken sandwiches and the so-called good life huh.

    I don’t even know who to begin addressing. Sweeping these thugs out to PG county? Thanks, you know there’s a lot of hardworking people who don’t want riff-raff out there too. You also forget that U-Md is out there? Why push even more of a burden on students and staff in College Park and University Park.

    @ Anonymous 12:13pm
    Your attitude makes me sick.

    @ Ice-Tina
    Forced Sterilization? Thanks.

    @ Anonymous 1:35pm
    Thanks for the broad adn ridiculous generalization. So ridiculously stodgy and uptight you are!

    Sitting behind your desk all day talking shit is not going to help solve the problem. Does making rude borderline racist/racist comments help? No not really. If you don’t like it, go move somewhere else.

  • Alfred’s right about one thing. These kids shouldn’t be shipped-off to Historic PG county – they should go directly to jail. &, please don’t apologize for such useless thugs.

  • Alfred in DC: Not amount of volunteering is going to bring these thugs around. They need to go to jail, period. And yes I would call the cops as well if a bunch of thug looking black punks entered my store. Just as I would if a bunch of cholos walked into my store, I’m Hispanic. Young blacks are responsible for a vast majority of crime in DC, the truth sucks, but it’s the truth.

    I pay taxes, quite a bit I may add, which support all kinds of programs for DC’s youth and African American community. As a taxpayer, volunteer or not, I have a right to safe streets, schools, stores, etc…. PERIOD. So STFU!

  • Alfred in DC: No amount of volunteering is going to bring these thugs around. They need to go to jail, period. And yes I would call the cops as well if a bunch of thug looking black punks entered my store. Just as I would if a bunch of cholos walked into my store, I’m Hispanic. Young blacks are responsible for a vast majority of crime in DC, the truth sucks, but it’s the truth.

    I pay taxes, quite a bit I may add, which support all kinds of programs for DC’s youth and African American community. As a taxpayer, volunteer or not, I have a right to safe streets, schools, stores, etc…. PERIOD. So STFU!

  • man, this site is starting to become the place where people just douche their mouths off left and right.

  • If the revolution came, you guys wouldn’t last 5 minutes. Fin!

  • @Alfred: These kids are not their neighbors’ responsibility, they’re their parents’ responsibility. If their parents can’t handle the responsibility, then the government should step in.

    We can keep our neighborhoods clean, but it’s not up to us to keep them safe.

  • Colonel, who you talking about?? I still remember how to field strip an M16/M4. All kinds of other wonderful little skills I picked up once upon a time. So I doubt you’re talking about me.

  • Alfred.. SERIOUSLY?!?!

    Perhaps its not too politically correct but what the hell will volunteering do when this behavior is passed to these kids from their own PARENTS and the immediate society they live in. They don’t value education or hard work and they never will because if they listened to you their mom would call them a “sell out”.

    As far as your complaint about a previous poster making you sick because of their attitude toward such groups of kids. Is it the posters fault that this is a REPEATED PATTERN of behavior from such a group. It’s not a stereotype, its an observation.

    You can’t moan about stereotypes when they are consistently being reinforced.

  • Hysterical. It’s as though you lot can’t even read English. I’m not apologizing for these boys’ behavior. Not one bit.
    What’s more, most’ve you have failed to address my most damning criticism of blogs such as this one and DCist, etc:

    “Sitting behind your desk all day talking shit is not going to help solve the problem. Does making rude borderline racist/racist comments help?”

    Explain that.

    Or what about the people who say “sweep them into PG County so we don’t have to deal with them.” How comically ignorant. I suppose that readers of blogs like this want American cities to turn out European ones – white and happy downtowns/nice neighborhoods surrounded by poor, depressed and angry suburbs. Obviously the messages behind movies like “La Haine” were lost on all of you.

    Have fun when the race riots come. I’ll be speculating on property in the aftermath and straight KICKIN it one of y’alls vacated pieces of property in Columbia Heights or Mount Pleasant. Marble countertops here I come!

  • @Alfred: Clearly you are new to the concept of a blog. The comments section is for people to mouth off anonymously about things they wouldn’t dare say out loud in mixed company.

    Or maybe you do get that, seeing as how you wrote that ridiculously stupid (and “rude borderline racist/racist”) race riot remark.

  • preach on alfred in dc…took the words right out of my mouth.

  • I agree with Alfred in that the frustration seems misplaced. It’s is not a racial or even an income problem. There are plenty of cities around the world where the rich people are poorer than anyone in D.C. and somehow they still manage to have lower crime rates.

    Likewise, Alfred, I don’t think your optimistic solution is to have a “race riot” because then when you get your cheap home with marble counter top, these same 9 guys will come and rip it from your kitchen. Whats the point of having a nice home if you live in a crime filled area anyway.

    I think this incident and discussion here goes to a much deeper problem and that is that people who were able to work their way to a piece of the “good life” feel that it is unfair that there are people who constantly take advantage and make life complicated despite the fact that they have the same chance to work toward the things they want but instead choose to live a life of crime. It is also incredibly frustrating if you happen to be a young African American and be immediately judged by society as a worthless thug simply because others who look like you act such as the ones in this video.

  • Alfred, you watched the video, and the one from Rue 14 two months ago, and the one of the 4 guys who held up the liquor store on Columbia, and you hear the reports of gunshots and violent crime every day – what exactly do you think is “going to help solve the problem?” Are we all on the same page that “the problem” is rampant criminality in young people in the low-income community in Washington, DC? Can we start there? I know my neighbors, and I clean up my street every week. I’m not going to parent other people’s children, not only because its not my job, but because society has changed since 1947 and it is no longer safe or remotely acceptable for a community member to discipline a neighbor’s kid, or to assume that the kid’s parent isn’t complicit. If you think mentoring is the answer, I think you’re borderline brain-damaged. What else do you have? The truth is that no one has even half a solution and we’re all dreaming. Race riots? Please.

  • Sorry everyone, but a group of 9 kids (black, latin, asian or white) isn’t enough to just immediately call the police. I used to work at a chain clothing store (denim) in Georgetown and we were robbed regularly, as in multiple times a day, every day. Sometimes these were young kids of color in large groups, sometimes older men (30+) working alone or with another person, sometimes these were mothers with children, or groups of women and children. It was incredibly difficult to profile. Sadly, it was necessary to do so anyway. Still, I kept my eyes on a lot of people who never stole a thing. Little kids threatened to steal my shoes and kick my ass. Women swearing at me for trying to peer at their bags. The only way ANYONE ever got caught was pure chance. Once a woman who had had her purse stolen at a shopping mall in PG saw the kids who had stolen it using her credit card in our store on the very same day. The only solution I ever found to work were foot patrols on busy shopping streets. Men and kids who had done grab and bags were seen blocks away by policemen running away, looking suspiciously over there shoulders, or sorting through still-tagged clothing. A shame and another reason, world has shifted towards internet shopping.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    The times I’ve been there they’ve always had a security guard on duty. What ever happened to him???

    There are two possible actions they could have resorted to tho they might have run the risk of getting in harms way. 1) they could locked the door and back exit and called the cops or 2) as the punks were running off, they could have grabbed one of them, perhaps singled out the smallest or weakest one of the lot, called the cops and turned the kid in for some forced interrogation by the authorities… he’ll surely squeal. They may be a gang but that’s doesn’t mean they’re not cowards so I doubt they’d think beyond saving their own hides to rescue a man down.

  • Alfred,

    If your interest is in a nice new house at fantastically low prices, suburban Las Vegas may be for you! Get it before they demolish it.

    The notion that you’re celebrating sociopathic behavior so hardworking peoples’ investments in good neighborhoods can fall apart due to race riots (!) and you can pick up the scraps is incredibly disgusting. How many kids have to go to jail or be killed before you move in?

  • Quincy Street Neighbor: 1) locking the thieves in the store is about the worst idea possible. At that point these guys would beat, stab or shoot the staff until the door is unlocked and they can get out. 2) The two sales guys in this video didn’t look like they could fight their way out of a paper bag. No offense intended, but by looking at their posture and attempts to strike the fleeing thieves with whatever types of sticks or rods they had, there’s little hope they could have successfully detained anyone.

    Rent-a-cops or even more costly off-duty MPD is a serious expense that a lot of businesses are probably looking to cut in these ‘tough economic times’. CVS’s get robbed blind day-in and day-out, so it’s probably worth their while to hire MPD 24/7, but this establishment perhaps did the math, and it may be more cost efficient to get jacked like this every once in a while than pay for security.

  • Alfred, which one of those thugs in the video looked like he wanted anyone to volunteer with him? And volunteer to do what? Teach them right from wrong, the value of education and hard work?
    The thing is the path to a “normal life” in this country is not that hard. You graduate from high school, enroll in a community college while working in the evenings to pay for it and your living expenses, graduate from college, get an entry level job, work hard for a couple of years, get a better paying job…. Millions of people do it. Do you think these thugs would want to hear any of that?
    If i volunteer with them who is going to work for me to pay taxes for their section 8 houses and food stamps?

  • I’m not sure why there are repeated references to these criminals as “kids.” This was not a group of kids. They were not teenagers. They were in their 20’s.

    The bottom line is that race is neither an explanation nor an excuse for what these young men did. There is a criminal element in this City and most of it happens to be Black. But the vast majority of the Black residents in this City are not criminals. Moreover, statistically speaking, they are much more likely to be victimized by this criminal element, and are in fact victimized by this criminal element at a far higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group. It’s just not news when it happens.

    I completely condemn what happened and one would think that with this video, there should be arrests. But if you own a retail store, robbery in some form or another is almost a certainty. Just like every restaurant owner will lose money due to a certain number of patrons skipping out on their checks. I’ll bet that this store has lost a lot more inventory through less obvious theft than this. This incident just happened to be caught on camera and all of the faces happened to be young and Black, allowing the stereotype machine to kick in to overdrive.

    Kudos to you Alfred for the reference to a great movie, “La Haine.” I stumbled upon it when Netflix sent it to me by mistake. It’s an eye-opening look at the French underclass, much of which is White, and their conflicts with the rest of French society.

  • Fuck the French.

  • MPD just released a wanted poster on the 3D yahoo listserv with surprisingly good quality photos of most of the robbers.

  • I agree that this site is full of some weird half-assed cathartic whining about how sad the state of affairs is and i agree that just commenting on it is lame and pathetic. I disagree that the way to stop a bunch of assholes from robbing a place is to volunteer. If you see 13 fuckers running out of a store with clothes on a hangar and two homos chasing them, you should join in on a huge multiracial straight and gay beat down of the thieves. i’m with the cholo let’s have a big rainbow coalition of vigilantism. the only thing stopping this from happening is the high hipped pedigree of slavery making black people huge and the cry baby attitude of ivory towered white guilted mench liberal emasculated population of do nothing pusses parading around in hipster gear and commenting about how sad it all is on internet site because their minds are so poisoned by the aclu that theyve mistaken self defense and preservation for facism. grow a set of nuts. have faith enough in humanity to know that decent black people hate these bitches as much as everyone else. or you can go read french subtitles for 3 hours and piss your pants when you get mugged on your way home from some not quite gentrified area of trendy new bars this weekend.

  • Since the riots of 1968, Gay Washingtonians have been our civilized city heros;
    Our fearless urban pioneers for the past four decades. We owe a lot to them.

    Despite their efforts, and other individuals boldly staking a home in the wild, paving the way for progress and prosperity when they could afford to live elsewhere, the Rule of the Mob still reigns in DC.

    For far too long, we as citizens have tolerated this errant behavior, and our soft-on-crime elected officials have harbored, protected, and cultivated this element and the lawlessness and disorder that subsists generation after generation with their publicly funded social engineering and central planning.

    Until there is anticipated, swift, and severe consequence for actions committed, crime and these emboldened scofflaws will continue to reign supreme in our city.

    Government exists to do what citizens cannot do for themselves.

    I know well that what I write here will do little to change the environment we tolerate. It’ll be summarily dismissed by some (like Alfred in DC), offend others, but it may just enlighten perhaps a few minds from one in a very small minority in this city that feels Home Rule has failed us, and failed us miserably.

    Our Nation’s Capital could be a shining city on the shores of the Potomac, not just urban, but once again urbane and civilized regardless of race, if it weren’t for the failure of our local government and all these politicians who have come and gone in a relatively small city of less than 600,000. ?

    Our city government’s spread-the-misery policies have brought relatively little positive change;
    Instead creating a jurisdiction more and more inhospitable to progress and prosperity that does not fit their social engineering plans; inhospitable to business, private urban renewal, growth, private investment capital, and real private sector local jobs.

    For far too long our Home Rule has stood in the way of progress, real education, free economic activity, and the churning of free private capital, -and all the real, long term sustaining tax revenues that come from it all.

    ??If our governing leftist urban liberals have it entirely their way, everyone will work for government, and there will be no private sector. We’re getting there on a faster track after this last election, as soon there will be nobody left to tax to fund their failed social-engineering-without-license in the name of the public good -their life altering take from Peter to give to Paul policies which can’t be challenged because they’re so well intentioned. ??

    They look over our city and cannot distinguish between a school, a library, a park, and privately owned and privately sustained real property. To them it’s all collective, and once elected they should have dominion over all of it, and everyone’s livelihood.?

    Instead of seeking yet even more elected officials in congress, let’s return to apolitical administration of local government in our federal city.
    Abolish the City Council and Home Rule which has failed us all so miserably with nothing but mere good intentions.

    Today, 40% of the real property taxes we pay go to pay debt service on all the public debt they’ve got us into. That leaves only 60% to provide municipal services. The taxes collected are never enough to fund their spread-the-misery government by ration and their good intentions all in the name of the public good.

    They keep creating more and more taxes in a vicious cycle that does more to create an increasing citizen dependency on the elected that results in further self empowerment and self engrandizement to the point that there won’t be anyone left to manipulate and tax.?

    Let’s go back to an apolitical administration and the three stars on our D.C. flag.

    Three gray haired, old men and women experienced and educated in public administration, appointed by the President of the United States with staggered terms; three Commissioners of our Federal City run as it used to be here for a hundred years in our City of Washington before Home Rule. Again, relatively small with less than 600,000, it shouldn’t be so hard here in our nation’s capital.?

    Think how it must feel for the risk taking shopkeeper who sacrificed, saved his own money to open and stock a store to then see his inventory stolen in such a brazen manner right out the front door by a group of scofflaw thugs. Our Home Rule has made our city hospitable for them. If this keeps up, he and others will just give up, close up shop and leave our city’s urban jungle while Alfred in DC continues to blame society, himself, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… to the point he sees the thugs as the victims. Get real.

    The law abiding, the doers, the risk takers, honest good citizens that make something, build something are not welcome in this city so inhospitable to those that could bring positive change, but don’t fit into their elitist central planning and social engineering.

    Government cannot be parents, nor does it take a village.

    It takes good parents.

    -Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • And people wonder why there are so few businesses in the black community.

  • I have lamented time and again that this is not a police problem. Long before we could hire enough police, the mentality of taking from others was fomented in the minds of these guys. Maybe it the environment, the culture, the genetics, or a combination, but the only true way of solving this is to admit that people like this are born to people that would be unable to adopt but can freely have as many kids as possible. They send their kids out for the rest of the world to live with their bad behavior. So how do we solve this if we are unwilling to even admit the problem?

    Last week, people so complained about a comment I made on the MPD-4d board about the likely suspects of a robbery of a McD’s on GA Ave. But noone wants to admit that the description I gave damn near matched to a T of the suspects in this robbery. I am not implying they are the same people. I am saying that there is an element in the black community that is causing most of the problems in the community. They dress alike. Look alike. Act alike. Burying our heads in the sand acting as it doesn’t exist serves noone.

  • JJ, couldn’t agree more. Preach on!

  • Someone please explain how to view the wanted poster mentioned above, I’ve been to the 3d listserve site but can’t seem to find the poster…

  • You have to ‘join’ the list to see attachments. MPD really should make it available on their website.

  • that was gangsta lol

  • yes nate, all black people look the same, act the same,walk the same, and dress the same.

    and all white people where khaki booty shorts with american eagle t-shirts and listen to dave mathews while eating mayonnaise sandwiches.

  • jj, that was probably the best thing ive ever read on this blog. thanks for making my day!

  • Wow – I just came across this today while researching 1860s San Francisco, (where violence and gangs actually make contemporary DC look like a Glee Club tea party)

    “An essential part of a policeman’s gear was carried, in a large outside breast-pocket within easy reach of his hand, a huge knife a foot or more in length. . . nor did the police hesitate to use it.

    Attacked in a second-hand clothing store in Pacific Street by several men whom he had found ransacking the place, Seargent Langford drew his knife and rushed them in the face of a heavy pistol-fire. He struck wildly in the darkness, and with his first blow neatly sheared the head of one of the thieves from his shoulders. The remainder of the gang, several of them badly wounded by the Sergeant’s slashing knife, fled in terror, and thereafter Sergeant Langford was held in greater fear by the denizens of the Barbary Coast than any other policeman in San Francisco. ”

    from – The Barbary Coast, by Herbert Asbury, published 1933

  • “crime is often a rational response to a criminal situation.”

  • lmfao a mess – this is why i live in fairfax

  • Alfred asked: “Why aren’t you volunteering w/the kids or attending meetings or organizing neighborhood patrols or introducing yourself to your neighbors?”

    Actually a lot of us on here, including me, have done everything you’ve suggested. So, am I not allowed to be royally pissed off at the behavior in the video? Like you wouldn’t be if these kids hit up your place.

  • Blacks have cornered the market on criminal activity. Practically every crime committed against me and my store has been caused by blacks.

  • The demographics of DC seem to be inexorably changing for the better. Rising property values and continued gentrification should continue to squeeze out the welfare-dependent class.

    Fenty, Lanier, and Rhee have a chance to show real leadership–and they’re probably the best we’re going to get. The City is not worthy of “statehood”, much less home rule, if the crime situation and the miserable state of the schools can’t be improved.

    If Fenty fails or bails out, I want Reformed Somali Pirate for mayor!

  • I’m with JJ on this. Regardless of race, the ridiculous rise in crime, especially in Summer months, needs to be dealt with more harshly and immediately. I am exhauseted of walking down the street and checking my 6 every two minutes. Of fearing for the safety of my wife and friends. Of hearing about my neighbors getting guns shoved into the side of their heads by a pack of 16 year olds wanting their wallets and phones. I’m not saying early measures, better education, etc is not vital. It is in fact the ultimate solution. I do not dismiss the causes – economic (coinciding racial) and educational disparity and segregation (self or institutionalized). I recognize the patterns of these disparities repeated generation after generation results (in some) a complete inability to judge right and wrong. What I am saying, AND NOTE THIS, is the age these kids are at, all current social scientific, neurological, and psychological studies indicate that their anti-social behavior is very likely beyond repair. They’ve missed key developmental stages that cannot be later learned. The best, and likely, only hope is with extremely strict, creative, harsh, and incessant dogged guidance. And since their parents’ likely lack the will or ability, then it is up to society to put fear into them so that they don’t dare to act like a pack of wild dogs. If like JJ above said, this is rainbow coalition, of a beat down, then so be it. And do not presume you know my race, political persuasion, or economic background.

  • We definitely have a problem, but it’s not crime. It’s ignorance, demonstrated by the sad, racist comments in this thread. I watched the video several times and it made me angry too that punks like this might get away with such a brazen crime. I hope they get caught and punished severely.

    But seriously, they stole some clothing and now we’re condemning black people, poor people, Home Rule, and government itself. You’d have to repeat this incident every business day for about 13,900 years to equal the amount of loot Bernie Madoff stole in a typical month. Get over it.

  • “We definitely have a problem, but it’s not crime. It’s ignorance by… this thread.” -DC resident.

    And so, DC resident, we begin to cloud and obscure the crime and the act committed.

    So, the problem is the ignorance of the law abiding who write here.

    The problem is Wall Street.

    Detract and kill the messenger so as to kill the message.

    Diminish the offense committed.

    It’s petty theft compared to Madoff.

    So what ? How is that germane or contributing ?

    It’s not the measure of the sum or the amount stolen; it’s the brazen act itself against civil society; the continued failure of our local government to keep law and order with an incremental tolerance for pervasive crime and the rule of the mob which are local government is increasingly hospitable to

    instead of a modern city life, that is not only urban but urbane and civilized life and allows all of us to go on with his or her individual life whether in work, school, or at play.

    This video is now on the national news.

    Lincoln taught us that government exists to do what citizens cannot do for themselves.

    Let us not be apologists for this behavior, while the criminals laugh at the victims, scoff at the rule of law, the honest and law abiding including those who write here.

    Tantum Erudit Sunt Liberi

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