Tattoo of the Week


This one has a pretty cool back story. The owner tells me, it was inspired by some stained glass seen in an old church up in New Hampshire. Very cool.

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  • Shiver me timbers !

    Ahoy, me hearty.

    Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, Matey.

    Reformed Somali Pirate Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi

  • Beautiful! And quite a committment, as far as tattoos go. (Not sure if that sentence made sense.)

  • i wonder if they used highlighter and needle to make this or just bic pens

  • Yay New Hampshire! (Sorry, it’s always exciting to hear references to my homestate).

  • prefer black ink tatts personally, but that’s pretty sweet inkwork.

  • Hmm, that says something about my worldview, pia. When I heard “old church up in New Hamphshire” I thought of New Hampshire ave and was going to ask where it was…. man I need to get out of DC more often.

  • See, I just don’t get tattoos. How is this going to look in 30 years when she’s got wrinkly old lady arms?

  • Not too much different than bare wrinkly old lady arms.

  • tony’s right– your body isn’t going to look that great at 80 whether there are tatts or not. indeed, a big tatt might hide some of the degradation of age (unless your artist used crappy inks that significantly degrade with time).

    that being said, i’ve kept my tatts in places less likely to change dramatically with age–ankle, shoulder, between the shoulder blades, bicep, forearm.

  • agreed, tony & jim!

    that’s a beautiful tat! love it. i’m all for some nice color.

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