Some Thursday Night Action – Music and a Fundraiser


From an email:

“Brazilian Rhythms this Thursday! Neville C. is baaack!!

Neville missed last month’s Brazilian Rhythms party and he’s gone through various stages of grief because of it. First came regret, then disappointment, and finally acceptance. He’s now in the “I’ll show them” stage. He’s had two months to get fired up (and find new records!) so look out!

Come help Neville’s recovery this Thursday at Cafe Saint-Ex (14th and T Streets, NW). Starting at 9:30 Neville will be throwing down the best in samba rock, MPB, tropicalia, samba, baile funk, Brazilian hip-hop, forro and bossa nova. NO COVER.

Sponsored by Som Records and Peroni Beer.”

fundraiser 0509 copy

Fundraiser at Shawarma King at 1654 Columbia Road, NW.

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