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The last second hand scuttlebutt we heard about the space next to Columbia Heights Coffee speculated that a vintage furniture store was on the way. A reader sends in some different speculation:

“I hear that the vacant space next to CH coffee will be a restaurant, three guys partnering up, a small, neighborhood tapas sort of place. Build out may start as early as this summer.”

I am a huge tapas fan so I’d be psyched if this was the case. You?

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  • A real Spanish-style tapas place with hearty, cheap options would be great, but if it’s another high-priced Zatyinya style place with $7 ‘tapas’, forget it.

  • Tapas is spanglish for “overcharge the crap out of you for really small portions.” I am so sick and tired of tapas. In America it is called ordering off of the appetizer menu. It is such a scam…you get like 2 bites for $7-8 and have to order 8 dishes just so you don’t starve.

    Like Boomhauer says…bring me a real tapas place and I will be a fan.

  • “Hearty, cheap options” depends entirely on what they’re paying for rent. Gallery Place rents mean Gallery Place prices. Unless there’s some magic business model where you can turn a profit on $5 a head that doesn’t involve carryout Chinese and twelve inches of bulletproof glass. At Zatinya, you’re paying for the chichi atmosphere and the table linens and the pretentious exclusivity. This place might be able to pull it off if they put enough fugly “art” on the walls and hire waiters in suits who use deodorant.

    Or they could open an Arby’s.

  • Sounds good to me, PoP!

  • I heard second (or third) hand rumors that it is to be like Chop’t except more Asian. I prefer affordable tapas.

  • @Joe – There’s yet another salad chain called Freshii coming to DC. This time they’re from Canada. I just wish they served poutine 🙁

  • Word on the street is that one of the staff at one of the wine bars on the 14th st/U st strip is leaving to start a new place- I’m 99% sure this is it, and if so, it should be a legit neighborhood gathering place with affordable/good food and a good wine list.

  • Any news on that gay-friendly pirate-themed tapas place called “Scuttlebutts?”

  • This is the spot to the north of CH Coffee. What’s up with the restaurant on the south side of CH coffee? The curtains are always closed. I heard it’s an informal nudie joint.

  • I would echo what colhigh said about Acuario, and would add the police always seem to be patrolling that restaurant, and recently there was a drunk lying in the middle of the street (traffic was blocked off). Locally owned eateries are great, as long as everyone regardless of demography feels safe and welcome there. I would welcome such a place next to CoHi Coffee.

  • @anon 9:38: confirmed, that was the plan for this space. another tenant was chosen at the last minute also looking to open a bar. no idea who that is or what kind of place it will be. i do know that it is not the wine bar guy

  • I would also echo the comments about Acuario, they may appear to be a local restaurant but I don’t think what they are serving is on the menu. They were welcomed into the community with no questions asked and this is what we got. Glad we have POP keeping us posted on scuttlebutt so we can all be more aware of new businesses (and ask more questions about the type of business they are planning).

  • if i got it right, my friend owns this place and she said it’s gonna be a cuban joint. she just rented it out.

  • Cuban sandwiches, please! If there’s a good Cuban sandwich in DC, I haven’t had it. They never get the bread right, naturally.

  • saf

    Monkey – I like the Cuban sandwiches at the Argonaut. Oh, also, the sandwiches at the Cuban place in Silver Spring (Cubanos, I think).

  • Not an informal nudie joint, an informal brothel.

  • The Cuban place on Columbia Road, west of 18th, makes pretty good cubanos.

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