Sadly More Crime To Report in North Country (and Columbia Heights)

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Twitter user JTNT reports:

“Multiple shots fired on 7th St NW b/t Gallatin and Hamilton. No fatalities, but at least one individual was struck.

The scene as viewed upstairs in my house, complete with many evidence markers, mostly identifying bullets. I heard at least 10 shots.”


And in Columbia Heights, a reader writes:

“I just moved in to a condo on the 1100 block of Columbia Rd and last night around 6:15 I saw a guy running down our street east (away from the 13-1400 block) being chased by a bicycle cop. The cop tackled him right across the street from my house and then literally 20-30 cops screeched into the street, sirens blaring and guns drawn. It was a pretty spectacular show of force by DCPD. They proceeded to close down the street and search our block for what I’m assuming is a gun as one of the officers told me the suspect had been seen with a gun. Do you have any more details on what happened? Quite the welcome to the neighborhood!”

Yikes, I hadn’t heard about this one. Anyone have anymore details?

The scene from Columbia Road yesterday:

1100 arrest

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  • Yeah, saw the hoopla on Hamilton today (just a couple blocks away). The only thing I can say is that both incidents, and most of this type in the area, are personal attacks of some sort and don’t often involve bystanders. At least that’s what lets me sleep at night here in my house all alone… ugh

  • @LNic – You can say that, but literally less than 20 from where the above photos were taken my neighbor was outside with her 2-year old child when this shooting took place.

    Now, I make a similar argument you do, that the violent crime here is mostly not random. That is, it usually involves people who know each other. That said, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t involve bystanders.

    BTW, last I heard, the suspect(s) in this shooting were still at large.

  • retaliation from Friday’s shooting at 7th and Hamilton? Likely but still so flippping senseless. I live a block from here and have been telling friends/family that the neighborhood appears pretty safe. For those in the immediate vicinity, am I wrong? Been here only 4 months…

  • Re: 11th and Columbia
    During the mess, I heard over the police radio emanating from a police car that the suspect had been seen with a handgun. No reports of gunfire. First time I’ve seen a police officer run. Agreed, quite a spectacular show of force.

  • @Nicolas- I guess it’s more like personal conflicts that do not *intend* to involve bystanders.

    @Anon 11:47- Don’t stop saying it’s safe. I haven’t. Can’t give in to this crap and be scared. Just watch your back and don’t walk your dog at night.

  • the shows of force from the police in my neck of the woods have been pretty spectacular lately. I perceive them to be more aggressive under Lanier than under the prior chief who was petrified of being accused of using excessive force. when a guy ran into 67 bryant street and shot 3 people 2 weekends ago there were easily 50 police cars + a helicopter, guys with rifles out roaming the alleys, etc for hours and hours looking for him (and they got him).

  • @eric in ledroit – Agreed. Last year when I was the victim of an attempted carjacking near the intersection of Missouri and Georgia at least 7 or 8 marked and unmarked cars showed up to search for the guy (who they caught–I rode along in the back of one of the cars and spotted him). Hell, they even sent four cars to comb our neighborhood (in and around the 500 block of Buchanan St NW) when some kids stole my wife’s bicycle (they recovered it and arrested the entire group).

  • Is it safe around here? When you live in a neighborhood where you can get shot by some fool gunning at others and you just happen to be in the wrong place…well I don’t call that safe. Of course that can happen in a lot of place here in DC, in MD and VA….hell, pretty much most urban areas. Of course you could try and “escape” it by living somewhere “rural” or “suburban”, whatever and wherever that is but you could still get popped by some disgruntled nut job who hates his former and your current boss. Facts are as long as folks think they can be big with a gun (to quote the late great D. Boon, “little man with a gun in his hand”) and “get back at everyone that done them wrong” or “disrespected” them, we will have this type of nonsense for a long time. Our burden here in Petworth is that there are a lot of “young’uns” that have little respect for themselves or others and they are armed.

  • @LNic- I find the comment that people should continue to say it is a safe neighborhood particularily maddening. My ex whom I am still close with bought in the area based on hearing how safe the neighborhood is from friends. In living there less than a year, I stopped counting the times I heard gunshots, had a stolen car blow up behind the house, had a shooting basically in the front yard, and learned a neighbor had her car broken into three times in nearly as many months. There are great aspects of the neighborhood. Some of the neighbors are wonderful. There are some great long-time residents, and friendly newbies, two or three decent restaurants, and the commute downtown isn’t bad. Safety is not a feature of the neighborhood however, and now that she’s living alone, I know it’s only a matter of time before something, hopefully petty like a smashed car window, happens. She doesn’t read blogs or news reports about the crime, because she doesn’t want to get scared, and doesn’t let me tell her about what’s happening all around her. I’ll be the first to say that she should have done her research on crime in the neighborhood, but it doesn’t help when word of mouth is not accurate.

  • Here is where I would say that safety should be measured by the likelihood of you being harmed. That is as opposed to your car being stolen. It is a different measurement in the city as opposed to a suburb. If I lived in a suburb, I would not expect my car to get stolen, let alone robbed. I have a coworker than lives near Chevy Chase near Military. His car was stolen and used in a robbery on Riggs Rd. His neighborhood is definitely safe. But there are still property crimes. Sadly, I have adjusted to being able to deal with the property crimes. Just don’t rob me or sell dope in front of my house. Then your problems (people shooting at you) becomes my problem.

  • There was a shooting at Kansas and Taylor on Monday night around 8:30pm. I heard 3 shots and then 3 young Latino dudes take off running up Kansas. One MPD cruiser showed up about 5 minutes later, the officer looked around for a few moments and then left. I guess if no one is hit then it’s not considered a big deal?

  • A friend and I were talking yesterday about ‘white flight’. I made the observation that if ‘white flight’ is so bad, then implicitly what does that say about the people left behind? The people that can’t ‘flight’. Ultimately, the more affluent of us will leave the area in search of some place safer if things deteriorate. That would be a sort of economic flight, which mainly consists of whites. Does that imply that the people left can not maintain a safe and livable community?

  • This morning around 8:15, there were several police cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance on the 1300 block of Otis Place NW — anyone know what was going on there?? They had the block closed off.

  • I duno how I missed that all on Columbia yesterday! I got home from work at 6:10 pm and then walked my dog.

  • LNic. i live on your block , was the car sitting in front of that house that got shot up about 8 months ago… remember when they lit it up with machine guns and one person got killed an two other got hit?

    i was wondering if this was connected to that.

  • Does anyone know what happened Monday around 7:20 on 11th and Harvard? Cops were directing trafic and they had the K-9 unit out. I passed it on my way home from work and was curious.

  • It’s funny, but if you can ignore the yellow tape and police activity, those first two photos are really nice — such a green, leafy, neighbory place. Oh well.
    We had the super-duper floodlight on a pole going on last night at 9th and Crittenden. Don’t know if it had anything to do with this shooting or maybe with the guy who was found stabbed there the other day. And it’s only May.

  • David Tumblin: All I know is that ShotSpotter called in the initial report.

  • Violient Youth Offender Registry NOW. Where are all these children getting firearms and ammo?

    Anyone follow up with the police officer who asked for volunteers to join the police auxilliary and know what exactly is involved.

    Safe Routes Home Program anyone? Groups of auxiliary at metro agreeing to walk folks home to safety during certain specified times.

  • I live on the 1200 block of columbia, a few houses down from 13th, and was sitting on my front stoop when this happened.

    I was looking down the street towards 11th when a noise captured my attention. I turned my head up in time to see a tall man who was obviously not simply out for his evening jog. The bike cop was hoofing it on foot a few steps behind. I watched them continue down the street towards 11th. By the time the guy turned the corner (now heading north on 11th as far as I could discern) he had gained some ground and was maybe ten lengths ahead of the cop.

    A few seconds later a girl began walking by my house from the direction of 13th, I asked her what happened. Apparently, the guy was pulled over on 13th. The cop knocked on his window and asked him to step out of the car. according to the girl that I stopped the guy “jumpepd out of his shirt” and bolted for Columbia.

    Of course, his car had not been in park. Now driverless it had taken on a mind of its own and hit the car in front of it. By this time the result of two disable vehicles in the middle of the road could be heard in the form of angry honking from 13th street.

    Shortly after, police descended on the entire area. 2-4 cars were at the 13th street end of Columbia handling the traffic issue. I counted at least 20 cops at the other end of the street, and I definitely couldn’t see them all from my porch. There was a commotion at the 11th street end of Columbia and police tape was soon visible.

    After a few minutes, officers began combing the sidewalks and gutters on both sides of Columbia. I asked an officer if they thought the suspect had thrown something and he told me that they thought it might have been a gun.

    Later in the evening I was walking back with my roommate after getting some takeout and we saw several officers going through the suspect’s car. We saw them pull at least one small bag out of the car that appeared to have marijuana in it.

    That is, in the best of my memory, what happened in the Columbia Heights incident.

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