Ridiculously Album Cover of the Week

DSCN9301, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Oh, so good! Som Records gets the credit of course.

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  • When I was in high school in NY, Lester Lanin and his orchestra was the big prom and dance band – good times!

  • I own this record and the cover is the best part of it. You can’t really see it from this picture but the audience is mostly a group of 40-somethings with cigarettes and cocktails trying to be hip by watching the girl do the watusi on a platform. The music is ’60s country club slop; definitely not something that chick would be shaking it to. For added hipness in the bottom right corner you can see the top bit of the album cover for the soundtrack for The Beatles A Hard Days Night. The back of the cover has a cool little ad for Pan-Am Airlines… about it being the “go-go-ingest” airline in the skies or something.

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