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  • Old Kilns for Brickmaking

  • Some time maybe 15 years ago this site was considered for a DC jail expansion. Quickly some restoration took place and the arboretum did not become a jail yard. But it’s still not a brick enthusiast destination (picture a gift shop with misguided brick refridgerator magnets) – a beautiful brick walkway and parking lot was installed, only to become a nightmare of weeds growing up between each brick. If someone knows about the status/future, could you let us know?

  • AngryParakeet, probably nothing good. Do a google search on “national arboretum funding.”

  • formerly United Brick Corporation Brick Complex, also known as the New York Avenue Brick Kilns. The buildings were constructed in 1927 and are located within the United States National Arboretum. In 1978, the complex was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

  • OK, Prince, you gotta tell me. What’s the origin of this often repeated phrase of yours, “what the Helen of Troy…”? Is it something an uncle said when you were growing up or what? I’ve never heard it before and it’s funny.

  • Hey yo, Bam! Supernature, God damn
    Cerrone on the microphone I am
    Adrock a.k.a Sharp Cheddar
    My rhymes are better
    What the Helen of Troy is that?
    Did I hear you say my rhymes is wack?
    I’m beautiful you can’t touch me
    If you pick a rose, well you might just bleed

  • Not sure why, but those photos remind me of my Zaxxon days.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Petworth Diva – Eric in ledroit got it. It’s from a Beastie Boys song.

  • Its clearly one of Cheney’s old ‘undisclosed locations’…

  • Second the old kilns for brickmaking response.

  • Kind of along the lines of ‘Son of a Bee Sting” isn’t it?

  • We finally found the WMD!

  • Beastie Boys just used it in a song… it’s an old timey saying. I’m sure it was used on the Honeymooners often.

    But sadly, now my dream of those being ruins of aqueducts and thus, proof that the roman empire expended to the Americas… is shattered.

  • oh wow someone brought up zaxxon – now that you mention it, yes, exactly!

  • saf

    Parkwood Person – the Washington Aqueduct still exists. No ruins, but the real thing!

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