Reader Reports Multiple Shots Fired Last Night

“Dear PoP,

I heard shots fired around 2am last night… about 20 of them, near 13th and clifton. i called the cops, and it took at least 10 minutes before anyone arrived, and then all she did was get out of her car and look for shells.
Do you have any info on what happened???”

Anyone have more info? I have to say, sadly, I don’t think the police can do much more than collect shells if there are no witnesses on the street. Perhaps there is a surveillance camera at this location? I know in the past this corner 14th and Clifton has been the scene of previous violence.

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  • I live in Highview right at 13th and Clifton and didn’t hear anything last night. I did notice a higher than normal police presents on my way to work this morning though. Does anyone know anything else about this?

  • I also heard multiple shots fired around 2 am. I live at Quincy & New Hampshire and they sounded like they were pretty far away from me.

    I was expecting to hear sirens in the next few minutes, but never did.

  • From Comm. George Kucik on the MPD 3d District listserv:

    “At about 2:10 this morning a subject was shot while in the 1200 block of Clifton st. He is in stable condition. Another subject was grazed. Preliminary info is that this was not a random assault. Anyone with informatioin is asked to call 202 727-9099>”

  • I vote no more daily crime reports.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @10thandM that was a tease, they didn’t really add anything beyond what Disaffected in DC wrote.

    @anonymous People are curious what is happening around them so if a reader specifically writes asking for info I’ll continue to post.

  • Well I mean DCist is reporting someone was shot, but in stable condition, so I think that adds a substantial amount of information.

    That block of Clifton always seemed nice to me, there are those fancy High View apartment buildings and Cardozo, though I haven’t spent much time on it.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @U Street girl in the comments Disaffected in DC wrote:

    ““At about 2:10 this morning a subject was shot while in the 1200 block of Clifton st. He is in stable condition. Another subject was grazed. Preliminary info is that this was not a random assault.”

  • Ah, not enough coffee, not carefully reading comments. My apologies.

  • I’m curious about the people who don’t want crime updates posted. Are these real estate/developers who are scared this will further drive down the market here, or actual residents who don’t want to know about incidents in their neighborhood?

  • @ u street girl –

    That block of Clifton and Euclid has had drug dealer activity on it since the 1970s. It’s come a long way from the Clifton Terrace days when it was DC’s version of Cabrini Green, but there’s still a lot of criminal activity in the area because a lot of the same criminal families live there.

  • monkeyrotica,
    30 years of drug dealing huh? Sounds like we need a permanent All Hands On Deck.

  • @Nate – That’s nothing. Go past Florida Avenue to 12th Place and there’s a house where the family has been dealing since the 1960s. The cops and everyone on the block know about it. Every once in a while the grandkids decide to have a little fun and start slashing peoples’ tires. They get arrested, disappear for a year to 18 months, and then it starts right back up again. The older neighbors who’ve been in the neighborhood since the ’70s told us about it at a house party. Another great reason to meet and greet and get to know your neighbors: the ones who’ve been around know where the $h!t goes down.

    There used to be another longtime dealer house on V Street near Busboys.

  • Monkey,
    they been dealing that long and still live there? I would have moved to Potomac or a remote island with the money I made. Unless, they are not making much money as people think.

  • That’s just it. Low-level dealers never make much money. That’s why they live with their mothers. They stay in the business trying to work their way up but most never get out of their parents basement. It’s particularly pathetic in this instance because you’d think after decades, SOMEONE in the family would eventually become the Neighborhood Kingpin. Instead, they deal and fence stolen goods and slash tires year after year after year and never make anything of themselves.

  • I remember reading a story about a 17 year old drug dealer who was arrested with $12,000 in cash, but it detailed all the other people he had to pay off and thinking wow! but then thinking I was making more than that working a legal after school job.

  • Yeah, plus even if these kids make a pile of cash they just go blow it on clothes or cars that they then don’t register/insure and end up getting impounded. Money management isn’t exactly one of the street skilz [most] dudes pick up dealing drugs.

  • monkey erotica is making up elaborate lies on the internet

    no one sells drugs in DC, that is illegal.

  • monkeyrotica – you have incorrect information. Ive lived on 12th Place for 5 years, no activity that you describe. Quiet street, not much traffic, no-one has grandkids (unless you count a 5 year old) and no tyre slashing……….suggest you dont believe all sensationalist house party talk!

    PS – there were a couple of drug houses here in the 1990’s, but thats a decade ago now..

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