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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this (long) weekend? Traveled or stayed in DC?

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  • Leaving for work this morning to find that my car window was smashed, and it had been POURING all night long. I was parked on 11th street, near V st, nw. There were about five or six other cars with their windows smashed too, and I feel your pain! Of course today I have class after work. I was too upset/frazzled by the whole thing to think to drive to work. Now I must wait until tomorrow to get my window fixed.

    I had nothing in the car. They basically broke my window on the *hope* that I would have something in my glove box. I had clothing for donation in the hatch, which you couldnt see from the street. They got into the hatch from the inside by taking down the seats, and had thrown all the clothing all over the car.

    Its the WORST feeling. Someone deliberately did this to mine, and others’, cars. This person will most likely not be caught. I’m feeling helpless and hopeless. How can one feel any amount of safety when many cars are being broken into, RIGHT NEXT TO A SCHOOL!

  • Rant: Goddammit, Jim Graham wants to limit my late-night pizza scarfing.

  • Wow, after reading yours, sad face, I feel silly about complaining about pizza. Good luck!

  • Happy virtual Monday.

    Was in London this weekend – Got lightly sunburned. Came back to this crazy rain. Didn’t see that coming.
    Saw the London equivalent of DC’s Rolling Thunder – customized Vespas. Awesome.
    Imperial pints are $4.50 after the currency conversion – 1/2 what they are at Commonwealth. Didn’t see that coming.
    Still a Commonwealth fan, though (if only for the beer and lemon stuffed olives).

  • its ok. this is the cost of living in dc.

  • Rant: @ 🙁 (Sad face)… that sucks. I know the feeling. Someone tried to break in to my car and ripped off my door handle. I had nothing in the car at all… then had to pay $600 to get a new lock system. I bought a club after that, but the next weekend there were prying marks by the window. I don’t understand what they want my car for. It’s an old, crappy Honda.

    Rant: @oldmanclem: I freaking love Jumbo Slice. If i want to barf during the wee hours of the morn bc of over consumption of alcohol and gross delicious pizza, that is my business! Although you should try Albertos… last week I got a slice there and my cab driver was so nice he let me eat it IN THE CAB on the way home.

    Revel: I’m moving to Columbia Heights.

  • Rant: I’m taking my cat to be put down this afternoon. The 4-year-old is asking surprisingly astute questions, and I think the 2-year-old understands more than she lets on. But enough about them…how am *I* going to handle it?

    Rave: Great fun at the 4-year-old’s birthday party this weekend.

  • Re: Jumbo Slice

    I was thinking about starting a new July 4th tradition (that also benefits the community) – NYC has their Nathan’s hot-dog eating contest… DC should have their own Jumbo Slice eating contest. My girlfriend and I got to thinking about how many the winner could put down… 8? 12?

    Of course, benefits would go to the Marie Reed Community Center.

    Or is this a terrible idea because no one in their right (read: sober) mind would eat Jumbo Slice?

  • Revel: Vacation Last Week

    Rant: I returned only to realize that I still hate my job.

  • Rant – No free Shakespeare at Carter Barron this year. Negatives ever increasing while positives steadily decline.

  • we need to bring back the gun laws in dc, you never know when one of the punks will attempt to beak your face in while attempting to rob you. I am looking to move to DC, but I will bring my gun from GA with me.

  • PROB 8 upheld– good news or bad news? The “ORAL” arguments was very convincing

  • Revel: Moving into a new apartment I love with my boyfriend this weekend.

    Rant: Yet another armed robbery in my hood this weekend, plus a murder early this morning. I hate feeling afraid in my own neighborhood.

  • looked for property this weekend, prices for the junk in dc is insane.. when will these prices come down

  • Blaw blaw blaw,
    I hope never. Believe me, you don’t want prices coming down. As it stands now, it is difficult to put new Section 8 tenants in NW. If prices come down, i’ll be putting them right next door to you. 🙂
    Anyone hear Jim Graham is blaming the violence in Adams Morgan on…Jumbo Slice Pizza places?

  • Not sure if I speak for everyone – but I think blaw blaw blaw needs to stay in GA with his/her gun and bad attitude. DC has enough problems withotu haters movin’ in.

  • A few weeks back I posted as InDistress on this thread, ranting about troubles with the significant other. Just an update: It’s over and I ended it.

    So, Rave: SINGLE!

  • Rant: Scary that a slim majority of voters can deny civil rights to a minority group in this day and age.

    Revel: Had a great long weekend!

    @ MonkeyDaddy: Sorry to hear about your cat. I am going to have to make a decision like that in the near future and it terrifies me!

  • Rave: I move this weekend! No more stupid roommate!
    Rant: I will be living at my parents in the burbs for the time being…

    Rave: Rolling Thunder!
    Rant: Uber sunburn!

  • yes mike k. please blaw ect. welcome! give d.c. try, but leave your gun at home !!! i bet you can make a positive contribution to our city without it

  • Rant: Prop 8 upheld…I actually thought there was a decent chance of the California Supreme Court overturning it.

    Rave: I’m pleased with Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. It’ll be interesting to see the confirmation process-it took over a year for her nomination to the Second Circuit to be confirmed. Obviously it’ll be way easier this time around with the Dems in the majority, but the questioning should still be interesting (yeah, I’m a geek).

    Rant: I’m hungover and tired and stuck at work for another three hours.

    Rave: The hangover is due to a really awesome weekend!

  • Rant: cannot stay awake today, after our doggie kept us up all night being afraid of the thunderstorms. Yawn…sigh…

    Rave: was a beautiful weekend. If only I could stay awake to reminisce…

  • No Mike you don’t speak for everyone. He is moving from GA. Presumably for a job. He is looking to buy a home. Sounds like just the type of people we need moving to DC.

  • But why the sucky attitude. He should leave the attitude in GA along with his gun. I would never try and speak for you Nate, as you clearly know everything. Why is a gun toting person a good thing for DC? Not enough violence for you Nate? We need more???

  • @ MonkeyDaddy sorry about the kitty

  • Had my friend here from CO, she’s never been to the east coast or really outside of MT, WY, CO. She loved it but thought that the area was too dense, too much going at all times of the day/night, too many people, and felt that her obese sister would lose a lot of weight here b/c there are no drive thrus. She couldn’t believe the Burger King on Columbia Rd, had no parking or drive thru.

    Hee hee, I love seeing my city through other’s eyes 🙂

  • Mike K,
    Maybe i missed something but his posts didn’t come off as aggressive or violent to me. Maybe I am wrong. What did he say that made you feel threatened?

  • Rave: everything about this past weekend. Great from start right after work on Friday to finish late last night.

    Rant: n/a.

  • So over the weekend, the DC Police had a giant flood light setup at 15th and R NW. Anyone no what this is about? Crime deterrant I assume, but I haven’t read anything about it. POP – you should check this out.

    Also, anyone seen the rain barrels that were setup in the alley between Corcoran and R St in the 14th-15th St NW block? I have always wondered what is the purpose – because they have spouts where people can pour the water out. Are people drinking from these spouts? Wouldn’t this rain water collected from the green roof up top not be drinkable? Again POP – we need you!

  • Not feeling threatened at all…just think another gun on the streets (in the hands of ANYONE) is the last thing DC needs. You are reading way too much into this.

  • Rave: Just got back from a great vacation in Guatemala!

    Rant: I’ve been trying to catch up on the hundreds of e-mails I got while out of the office. Coming back to work sucks.

  • MonkeyDaddy – so sorry about your kitty; I had to put mine down two years ago. Promise things will get better.

    Rave – got a new (free!) kitty at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market on Saturday! Named him Paolo.

  • @CC–spigots in rain barrels are usually for attaching hoses to, so you can water your yard or plants. If these are community/shared rain barrels, the neighbors probably put a bucket under the spigot and take the water back to their yard.

  • CC – I see those nearly every weekend, I don’t understand why that block needs them as a crime deterrent, it seems pretty safe to me. But then again, so did the 1300 block of T street and there was a homicide there this morning…

    Rave: had a great (3 and a half day) weekend, ate too much food and drank too much beer.

    Rant: above mentioned homicide, after a relatively quiet weekend violence-wise.

  • InDistress/FeelinFine – good for you!

    hope that you’re getting out there and meeting some ladies. this town is FULL of beautiful, smart, ambitious women.

  • Rave: Two BBQs and a day of shopping made for a great 3-day weekend.

    Rant: The following thought just ran through my head: “This job sucks the life out of me”

    MonkeyDaddy, my condolences on the kitty — a friend of mine just had to put her cat to sleep after the kitty’s cancer came back. It’s the sad part of pet ownership — you’re almost guaranteed to outlive them.

  • Rave: My homebrewed beer is finished and its delicious! We had friends over for a BBQ and they thought my beer was delicious too!

    Rant: My homebrewed beer is almost finished because my friends drank so much of it…

  • Joining in the sad pet owner’s club – I expected I’d need to make the decision in the near future to put my old dog down. He was diagnosed a few months ago with brain tumor and cancer (neither treatable) so it was only a matter of time. But despite his condition, he was still bouncing around more days than not.

    Last Wednesday he was having a good day, playing in the creek at my parents’ farm and then he was dead. And now buried under the dogwood tree at the farm.

    I know it will get better but right now I’m just missing my dog.

  • @ clearbluewater333 – I hear you! I move away from my crazy roommate in 6 days, and I can’t wait.

    I just got a call about my interest in “working from home”… I just got an email from the lady, too. She was very apologetic when I told her that I had no interest and had not signed myself up for that.

    or the hormel spam email list

    or the hardcore pornography email list

    or the email list about the health of my nonexistent baby.

    I’m pretty sure it’s my fucking roommate. Fuck him.

  • Everyone says that DC is safe, it is better than years ago, but you really need a gun for protection in this place. I have accepted a job in DC, and I will contribute to the improvement of this place, however.; personal protection is very important. If a couple of law abiding home owners blow away a couple of street punks all of this crap will stop. It is so sad to pay upwards of 450k then be in danger if you go to a bar and walk home afterwards. I am looking forward to living in DC, there is no place like it.

  • I’m sick to my stomach, literally at times today, with California’s decision. I do not understand this, not one bit. Why is this legalized segregation okay with so many people?

  • Rave: Matt G’s homebrew, BBQs and a 3 day weekend!
    Rant: Going back to work today to find emails sent from co-workers over the weekend. WTF is up with that?

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