Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rave: Gay marriage recognized (and hopefully legalized) in DC!
    Rant: Being a single, gay man trying to find a hubby in DC!

  • Rant: Poor as Dirt!

    Rave: Poor as dirt and goin to see my lady for the first time in too long a time.

  • Rant: Someone let their dog shit in my yard and didn’t pick it up… again.

  • Rant: Those inconsiderate louts who carry full-size umbrellas parallel to the ground, jabbing everyone in their vicinity. Umbrellas can be held safely, folks (think golf club)!

    Rave: It’s a bee-you-tee-full day and it’s a Friday!

  • Rant: dealers on the corner sold drugs to a guy with a baby and stroller – called cops and they managed to arriver 30 minutes later and did not stop

    Rave: the sun is out and its friday!

  • Rave: Friday!

    Rave 2: As much as I heart DC, I’m very excited for my first overseas trip in three years — booked my tickets for Amsterdam!

  • Rave – Moving in with my man and just signed a lease on a great apartment!

    Rant – More budget cuts at work. 🙁

    Rave – At least I still have a job.

  • Rave: We are finally getting our front porch re-done just in time for summer! Very excited to hang on the front stoop sipping my favorite beverage on a hot summer night.

    Rave 2: My garden looks like it’s on steroids with all this rain!

  • Rant: Adams Morgan– i DREAD driving through AM on my way home in the evening. it reaffirms the reasons why I left that hellhole.

    Rave: Columbia Heights- soooo much better. I love pulling up to my house with a backyard and parking. I love you, columbia heights.

  • rant – havent planted anything yet, so all this rain hasnt helped anything grow but weeds 🙁

    rave – theres always this weekend! hooray beautiful sunny weather followed by more rain 🙂

  • rant: I have weather whiplash and i’ve had a headache from the pressure changes for the last week.

    rave: sun! however fickle it is i appreciate it. also a cute boy gave me his number last night. Woo for a rebound from exboyfriend.

    rant2: time is ticking and my roommate has still not found a replacement for me in the apt. which really isnt my fault since i’m not breaking the lease but can’t get off it until she finds a replacement and it makes things strained.

  • Rave: A super amazingly attractive delivery man delivered my bathroom vanity today. The vanity weighs 1 ton (not kidding, I can’t even lift an end and I’m a healthy 5′ 9″ girl). It was a real treat to watch this.

  • Rave: It’s my birthday Sunday!
    Rant: I have to share it with Mother’s Day.
    Rave: I love my mom! And the Monkey Mama too!
    Rave: The Monkey Mama got a sitter and is taking me out for dinner. Any suggestions? (To get out of a rut…What’s good on H Street? Or anywhere unusual we can get fine food+drink for $50/head.)

  • @Monkey Daddy – If you’re looking for someplace on H, try Napa 1015. It’ll be right around your price point (depending on how much you drink). Also, Sova’s debuting their new drink menu this weekend as part of World Cocktail Week. It’ll probably be crowded on Saturday, and it’s really just drinks now, but if you’re in the neighborhood, check it out.

  • Rave: Good seat karma = 14 hour flight/four empty seats next to me.

    (mild) Rant: My tomato seedlings and other veggie starts didn’t survive my absence. Time for replanting.

  • Rant: Why does it take DC up to 31 days to cut a check for unemployment it is not that hard. I guess they want us to starve to death so they don’t have to give us the dang on check.

    Rave: It stopped raining

  • Rant: I can’t smoke weed right now. It’s gonna be a while.
    Rave: When I do finally get to smoke weed again, I am gonna love every minute of it.

  • @Anon78 DC STILL hasn’t cashed my tax check. Too bad I couldn’t have just written it to you, thus solving both of our issues.

  • Rant: 31 days? Try two months. I haven’t eaten anything in two days because I can’t afford to. I’m starting to hallucinate, I think.

  • Has the Radius Pizza remodle happened yet? im craving some pizza and too lazy to walk to columbia heights. but dont want to waste my time on radius if it hasnt been fixed yet? whens the reopening?

  • Has the Radius Pizza remodle happened yet? im craving some pizza and too lazy to walk to columbia heights. but dont want to waste my time on radius if it hasnt been fixed yet? whens the reopening?

  • Rant: I had surgery for a skin cancer yesterday, and now I have a nasty painful left temple, with a big honkin’ bandage on it.

    Rave: It was the “best” kind of skin cancer to have, and they got it all.

  • @Nate: if you are the same horrible, vindictive, insane-thinking RAT who tattled to the cops last October about a random weed plant growing in a local tree box, I hope you don’t get the chance to smoke weed for a very, very, very long time.

  • Rant: Still can’t find housing, still didn’t get a contract at work. I’d like to have something certain about next year!!!

  • Rave: (Sorry Nate) I just smoked some fantastic weed.
    Rave #2: I am closing on my awesome ledroit carriage house on Wednesday.
    Rant: We’re doing the Biggest Loser at work, and I lost 1 lb and $10 already.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @LNic can you email me photos of your carriage house, please? Or can I take a look when you close? I love carriage houses!

  • RAVE: today i had a delicious beer. its 12 cousins were great.
    RANT: i sold the rights to my mother’s organs to triads for beer money

  • Rave: I was walking down 16th Street the other day and was told that “I walk like a champ. I got ssttriiidde.” This is why I live in the city.

  • Eva: When are you going to Amsterdam? I’ll be there from June 20-26. I’ll be celebrating the Midsummer in style!

    I’ve already been over to the Dam once this year but it’s impossible to say away for too long. If I had an EU work permit I would go and never come back.

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