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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • RAVE: Our students are finished with the DC CAS testing, the yearly achievement test given in DCPS. They are so excited that they’re finally finished after weeks of test prep and test hype. Last school year, scores in reading went up 8% city wide and in math 11%. Sure they were low to begin with but those gains are pretty significant.

    RANT: Only around 25% of the DC schools last school year made AYP, the annual yearly progress mandated by the feds. We really hope it will be higher this school year.

  • RAVE: Arby’s

  • Rave: Getting the keys to our awesome new rowhouse in 16th Street Heights!

    Rant: Getting locks changed changed costs more than $500!

  • RAVE: Met a new kid in my neighborhood with a backyard adjacent to my condo. Spent yesterday evening yelling back and forth with him about the kittens his family’s raising, and met the mom cat, “Chimichanga.” This is a kid I previously had mean thoughts about after someone egged our window. Still don’t know if he did it, but I don’t think so, and either way we’re cool now. I’m so glad the weather’s warm so I can see all my neighbors again!

    RANT: Had no idea Sticky Rice has gotten so popular and now takes reservations. Had to wait for 45 minutes for a table. But the hostess was super attentive while we waited, and we had a great meal, so it’s not a total rant.

  • @a Teacher:

    The monitor said that our school was like night and day this year. Let’s hope that that shows in the scores and that my charter school doesn’t get shut down in January.

    Those are pretty significant gains, but we do have a long way to go. What makes me rant is how the rest of the school is just cast aside during the testing week (http://scottahb.wordpress.com/2009/04/28/last-day-of-the-dc-cas-what-a-waste/)! Makes me wonder how much the tests actually help.

  • Rave: And so begins the most confusing weekend of the year for those heavy drinkers among us. To celebrate Derby Day with Mint Juleps, or Cinco de Mayo with Margaritas? Since I am no longer 20, the option to switch between the two no longer exists, so every year, on this most festive of drinking weekends, I’m forced to choose.

    And every year, without fail, I choose the Juleps. But, I still enjoy the weighing of the options in tedious detail. (For instance, this year, I happen to have both mint AND limes in the fridge, so both drinks get a check in the “on hand supplies” column.)

    Rant: Crappy weather. How the hell am I supposed to drink on my porch in this?

    Rave: As a thank you gift for watching her pups, a friend sprung for my pooch’s spring haircut, where all the shag is lopped off, and she comes back to me looking like the cutest damn puppy you’ve ever seen. I can’t stop rubbing her belly and telling her how lucky I am to be her mom! (My dog, not my friend, who is also awesome, but might smack me if I tried to rub her belly.)

  • Rant: The powers that be want to evict me from my window cubicle to the closet cubicle. Not awesome.

    Rave: How lush and gorgeous Mt. Pleasant is right now. The green really brightens my mood on my walk home.

  • Rant: I was chewing on ice cubes all day and I broke a tooth. The ironic thing is that I had to put ice on it to ease the pain.

    Rant: Swine flu alarmists are annoying. Should Obama have to contract swine flu to prove it’s no big deal before we all just chill the hell out?

    Rave: Last night in the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro stop, a heroic cop busted these kids for sitting on the stairs. GO! GO! GO!

    Rave: I was skateboarding by the capital and I’m pretty sure I saw Congressman Lamar Smith trip up on the curb. He didn’t fall or anything, but it was embarrassing enough for him to let off a little nervous chuckle. I respected his right to privacy enough to not stop my skating and tell him I saw it.

    Rant/Rave: I was at Hamilton’s bar on 2nd and Constitution NW, and they have a Wii you can play for free. But they also have nude penthouse electronic boxes. I was with my five year old son and I failed to prevent him from seeing his first non-maternal breast. SHAME ON YOU HAMILTONS

  • Rave: heading up to NYC to visit one of my best friends from college!

    Rant: the new facebook friend page. It has rocked my world and not in a good way (nerd alert).

  • Rant: Husband, father-in-law and brother are tearing down first floor ceiling at home at this very moment, I can’t imagine what the mess will look like when I get home.

    Rave: They are nice enough to send me off to work so I don’t have to watch the mess happen, and getting this done is one step closer to someday completing our lived-in renovation.

  • rant: pork apololgists. should really say factory farming ambivalent consumers. smithfield foods. pork can be delicious and totally not a biohazard when not raised in places like the veracuz industrial farms

    rave: hand sanitzer. overstocked for winter and now large on supply. ocd or rightfully precautious? you be the judge.

  • Rant: I think the schmucks who constantly litter while walking or driving in the city should be toe-kicked in they’re private parts.

    Rant: Shame on you, Seweyboy, for shaming Hamiltons. It’s a bar.

  • Rant: it’s going to rain this weekend

    Rave: I’m running the Muddy Buddy this weekend so more mud for me!!!

  • Rave: This brilliant YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWRyj5cHIQA

  • Doh – I meant “their private parts” not “they’re private parts” in my previous rant.

    I fail english? That’s unpossible!

  • Amusing PoP Anectdote: Ate dinner at El Limeno last night. We were talking to the owner afterwards and my wife mentioned PoP spotlighting the place a few times. The owner says “I think that guy moved to Columbia Heights.”


  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Markus – ouch! It’s true I haven’t been back to El Limeno in a bit. I’m going to go back for some tacos post haste!

  • Rave: The 3-D Imax dinosaur movie at the Natural History museum rocks!

    Rant: I only saw half before having to carry out the terrified, hysterically screaming five-year old goddaughter!

  • @ Victoriam – Thanks for the IMAX tip…will check out tomorrow with my girls!

    Rant: WAY too many biome projects to grade this weekend 🙁

  • amyc – the official word from this particular 5 year old is: “You have to be maybe seven.” The ushers said at least one child leaves every time! But kudos to Smithsonian, they refunded our tickets! I didn’t even think to ask, but the usher volunteered it.

    I think it is more of a loud, startling factor (they swoop right up to your face) than actual fear of dinosaurs/monsters. She has no fear at all of, and in fact great interest in, the skeletons in the current “Written in Bone” exhibit. http://anthropology.si.edu/writteninbone/

  • Rave: I met a woman in front of a Georgia Ave. liquor store last night. We are in love.

    Rant: My home has been taken over by wild animals.

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