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I am a huge iced tea fan. Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials about the new “best stuff on earth” by Snapple. I just have to say – the new snapple is terrible! Not even close to as good as the original. So what’s your favorite mass produced iced tea? I think I’m now gonna have to go with Arizona.

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  • Honest Tea. Everything else just tastes too artificial and/or too much sugar for me.

  • Im a slave to GTs Kombucha, mmmmm

  • I’ve never been a big tea guy, but I’ve lately started enjoying Arizona Green Tea. Haven’t tried much else though, might check out that Honest Tea stuff. The Gold Peak Tea advertising on Metro piques my interest too for some reason.

  • i’m liking that diet Turkey Hill green tea (with or without mango–there’s both kinds)….it’s available in big jugs at good old sketchy safeway….ha

    for something more portable, green arizona. honestea has done something with their formula. it’s just not as good recently as it was.

  • Honest Tea. After my first one, I was addicted. And I am not even hugely into tea.

  • The original Snapple was bad enough, and add to that my dislike for it by hearing unconvincing rock and tennis stars trying to sell the stuff on radio ads in the early 90s.

    Third the Honest Tea recommendations. They use cane sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup. Then again, tea really isn’t my thing. Can we start a discussion about beer?

  • well im from a bit south of here where the tea is equal parts sugar and water…ive learned to love honest tea though mainly because of how refreshing it is, not so much taste (although the berry flavors are pretty delicious!)…also, my best friend works there and the company is just so damn cool

  • Tea is always better when you brew it yourself. Some actual sun-brewed iced tea is one of the best things on earth. But if you must grab something on the go, I echo the Honest Tea recommendation.

  • also, i love how that looks like a 2-liter in your hand 🙂

  • I really like Vitamin Water Rescue (Green Tea) other than that I would have to go with the folks who vote for Honest Tea – not really into the sweet stuff and it is based in Bethesda (local company).

  • Inko’s White Tea–I’m a Yankee and like my iced tea unsweetened, and their Hint o’ Mint unsweetened is so refreshing and light. It’s the perfect alternative when I haven’t had the time or energy to brew my own.

  • With Iced Tea, you absolutely have to go sweet. Unfortunately there is no such thing as good bottled sweet tea. The best I can find is the Gold Peak Sweetened.

  • Honest Tea Peach Oo-La-Long is the best! And it has Opus the Peguin on the label, in a french beret no less!

  • 365 black-lemon tea from Whole Foods.


    Assam Black – just a hint of sugar, absolutely awesome.

  • I am also not a big fan of the sweet teas. I like unsweeted golden peak but honest tea would be my number one choice…green tea with a hint of honey or the community garden tea…mmmm

  • Somewhat Topical, Very Interesting – http://eightoverfive.com/SweetTea.swf

    Homemade sweet tea will always win out over any bottled brand I have tried so far and it is the one thing I insist upon every time I go home. I’m not saying that there aren’t good substitutions in a pinch (Honest Tea when I have money, Arizona when I don’t) but the anticipation of watching my mother pick fresh mint from the garden while the steam rises and tea-bags steep in a large glass pitcher add an atmosphere of baited excitement to the patient reward provided by a tall, cold, slippery glass of southern style sweet tea… sometimes I havta remind myself not to drink the condensation.

  • ooo honest tea

  • Can’t believe no one has mentioned Teajava unsweetened brewed black tea. Comes in a litre bottle at Trader Joes or World Market and NO CALORIES.

  • I stopped drinking Snapple when they made Rush Limbaugh a paid spokesperson.

  • McDonald’s Sweet Tea is good.

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