Rain Can’t Dampen Wonderland’s Sundress Party

DSCN8849, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Sadly, I was too soaked and beat down from walking around all day to participate in the festivities but when I passed by Wonderland it was definitely rocking. For those that went, did the party kick ass?


And the sight below really cracked me up.


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  • There is at least a 70% chance the guy in the last shot fell down the stairs immediately after this picture was taken.

  • was this part of some nation wide dress party this past weekend? i saw more than one guy friend on facebook in drag from various events and locations…

  • I was walking back from the embassy open house and saw a not unattractive guy in a very unattractive dress. That dress wouldn’t have looked good on the hottest girl.

  • That wasn’t a guy.

  • [Sigh.] I remember when the cabbies would swear to me that there was no bar at this location and I’d have to argue that there was, and now it’s got a full patio and gimmick event on a rainy weekend afternoon? I’m getting old. And nostalgic and curmudgeonly at the same time.

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