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We’ve judged the building but never the sign. What is “European Style Residences”? What I imagine is that the shower heads don’t have a hook and the cord is really short… I guess they could have bidets as well? I also imagine lots of smoking and some really good 2 hour long lunches.

What do you think they mean by “European Style Residences”?

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  • Small.

  • laminate cabinetry.

  • No deodorant holder in the bathroom.

  • Lemme see… 220V outlets with round holes, that other kind of video and dvd players that don’t work with ours, elevators where only 2 small (american) children can fit.

    I’ll post more if i think of any.

  • Hey….don’t knock bidets! I grew up in a house with one and it is great. And for all of you environmentalists out there, think of all the water that could be saved by just using a bidet to freshen up instead of taking a shower. If I ever remodel our bathroom, I am putting one in there.

  • The marketing is kind of lame (isn’t all condo marketing?) but the units actually do have really unique, European-style kitchens. That said, the are really small and have virtually no closet space.

  • in euro condos ze toilet flushes you.

  • @Stella, what is a “European-style” kitchen? What with having spent most of my early 20s living in Europe, I’d be curious to know if it has heat, walls, anything remotely resembling adequate storage, or the absence of an unvarnished wooden toilet – all things that my “European” kitchens didn’t have. Maybe the toilets in the middle of the kitchens in these joints are actually varnished?

  • European bathrooms often don’t have shower doors and the shower is just off to the side of the wide open bathroom with a big drain in the middle of the bathroom, or if there is a shower curtain, it is really short. No matter what, the end result is a bathroom that is entirely soaked after a shower.

  • a nice way of saying that they’re small

  • “European style residences” is real estate jargon for “smells like B.O. and feet, but they do have a bidet.”

  • You share the kitchen with ten other families. Oh, the bathroom too. It’s down the hall by the fire stairs.
    Where do I sign up?

  • I lived in Germany for a while. Apartments there didn’t have air conditioning.

  • Your observations have begun to suck more and more… Please stop.

  • Did anyone look at their website? What is up with all the apples in the kitchen?

  • beansnrice, thats a lot of apples…

    whoever eats all those apples and martinis is going to need some real refreshing in that bidet!

  • … no clothes dryer?

    In all honesty, this is a good thing. Americans need to start DOWNSIZING. It’s good that “Euro-style” (aka small) is a hip idea now… it’s about time.

  • The fridge won’t have an icemaker. Mmmm.. warm soda.

  • Overpriced cable (if any at all) and closed all of July and August.

  • No clothes dryers.

    Also, the toilet will be in a separate room from the sink and shower (which in France, anyway, discourages hand-washing by visitors – ew).

  • If I wanted to experience and feel the “European style residences”, then I would be in Europe. It is the same old look and feel as all the other new buildings in DC.

    How about a Washingtonian style residenence?

    When did good old-fashion value and quality go out of style?

  • If I’m going to “downsize,” I would expect to save some money in the process. Does anyone know what these units are going for? Does “European-style” just mean “overpriced crap that stupid Americans will buy to appear cultured?” Dumb.

  • Hmm, if it is like France then there will be lots of unemployed people and blacks will be systematically driven the the edges of society.

  • You mean PG county?

  • Being from Europe… and thanks for all the Euro-trashing … I say it has lots of classy style! (-:

  • I’ve travelled pretty much everywhere in Europe, so I’m really getting a kick out of these replies.

    1. Bidets are hardly found at all in Northern Europe, only in the south – and even there they are not terribly common. For example in my 8 trips to Germany I have never seen one. If you want to see lots of bidets, go to the Middle East.

    2. European living spaces are generally smaller than those in the States. People live much closer together in Europe than in the states, so small living quarters are something of a necessity. Europeans also generally eat a great deal more fresh food than Americans, so refridgerators are generally smaller. Keep in mind that Europeans tend to be less materialistic than Americans and they have a lot less crap to store away.

    3. A/C use varies widely. Residences in Northern Europe generally do not have A/C; those in Southern Europe generally do. I remember having A/C in my room when I stayed in Cordoba, Milan, Nice Rome, and Venice, but not in Madrid, Seville, Florence, and generally not North of the Alps. Very hot days are rare in Northern Europe so A/C is not necessary, IMHO.

    I’m heading over to Turkey, Croatia, and the Netherlands next month. The places in Turkey and Croatia will have A/C and the one in the NL will not.

    European showers almost always have detachable shower heads but only once – Seville – have I seen one that did not have a hook to hang it. Of course, I only paid 12 Euros for the room so I didn’t mind at all.

  • This thread is so funny! I too have lived in Europe and am therefore never impressed when people say European anything. The kitchens I remember in France and Spain were too small, the bathtubs ditto, I guess they weren’t made for a nice sit down bath like many American women like to take. I’ll never forget the first time I went to France and saw what was called a Turkish toilet, though it was not in a private home. It was a hole on a public bathroom floor, with ceramic foot areas. You’re to straddle the hole, aim your crotch to it and relieve yourself, trying not to piss on your shoes. Or worse. Que Dios me libre and this is not in French.

  • Marketing term, but speaks to the fact that more and more people are looking for a European lifestyle these days. If people still wanted the suburbs, that sign would say “Loudon County Style Residences.” Your home is where you crash, you live with others in the city.

  • @NK: Who takes a shower just to clean his/her butt??

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