Property at 13th and W Streets, NW Sold But Not Becoming A Bodega


A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the property that has been forever boarded up at 13th and W was finally under contract. Well, now it has sold and there’s lots of work going on inside. I asked the workers if it was going to become a bodega or some other retail. Nope, it’s going to become a single family home. I’m just glad it’s not going to be a boarded up eyesore any longer.

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  • Went by this place recently – the wood planks holding up the brick wall well freaked me.

  • Any word on how long it took them (or is taking them) to get this property rezoned from commercial?

  • POP is the best, I am finally closing on a home. NE Thank you for all of your help as you Photo travel all over DC. Do I am bring my gun to town for personal protection. I am relocating from GA

  • It was already zoned as residential, I checked out the building permit few weeks ago and it says the current use is a multi-family residence and its proposed use will be the same.

  • Wonder if they’ll keep the retractable metal door.

  • They removed the cheap stone from the facade this week, so it is back to the original brick. It is great to see buildings being restored to their original look.

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