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  • I definitely like this one better. It seems like there was an artistic eye behind it and some thought put into the graphic design and overall layout.

    Based on the smoothness of the coloring and the fine outline lines, I’m guessing this was done with an airbrush, not spray paint.

  • But is that really graffiti? Looks like a mural. I know it gets confusing.

  • That’s not graffiti….

  • If I had to guess, I’d say this one was “commissioned.”

  • now THAT is some ill graf.

  • Yes! An actual “piece”!

  • Wow, a SMK burner. Is this old? I didn’t know he still wrote.

  • It is graffiti art done with spraycans and not airbrush. It is the art of todays generation, and the art that society will always condemn.

  • A mural is graffiti. Too often people give graffiti a negative connotation when it really just describes anything that is marked on property.

  • This was indeed done on commission and with spray paint. The artist is in fact a graffiti artist and were given liscence to create this piece.

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