PoP Preview – Eatonville (14th and V Streets, NW)


We last heard about Eatonville (across the street and from the owners of Busboys and Poets) when the space was being painted by artists back in March. Well, the place looks really close to opening. Sadly, there was some sort of meeting going on when I snapped the photos so I couldn’t ask exactly when. Also the guy who let me in to take the photos was on the phone. But you can tell from the photos that it’s gotta be really close.


Do you like the look? More photos after the jump.






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  • but so does Busboys and a) their food is passable but over-priced, b) the service is bad and c) their coffee drinks are even worse. I want to love the place but I’ve never had a good experience there.

  • will it come with the same overpriced beer, bad coffee, and worse poets (or wannabe intellectuals is more like it) as busboys?

  • Almost all food items on the menu are priced under $10. Living on the fringe of downtown as I do I am in close proximity to many overpriced restaurants – but I don’t consider Busboys one of the offenders…

  • Place looks fantastic – PoP, let us know if you get the scuttlebutt on the opening date!

  • What’s with the name? The only Eatonville I know is Eatonville, Washington. Is there some sort of connection?

  • Love Busboys – almost moved out of town before it opened. I decided to stay. The food is hardly pricy – two can eat for under $30. Love the vibe and the poetry. My favorite u street hangout. Can’t wait for Eatonville.

  • Anonymous – Eatonville is named after Eatonville, Fl where Zora Neale Hurston grew up. The restaurant is a tribute to her.

    The look is a little crazy busy, but it might work if the atmosphere is like that too. I’m excited to try it and see how it stacks up to other upscale versions of soul food restaurants in the area.

  • In DC terms, Busboys is far from overpriced. I don’t know if I’ve been to a non-ethnic sit-down restaurant in the city as cheap as Busboys. In absolute terms, it probably is over-priced, but I feel it’s one of the only moderate places in town

  • I walked by this place this weekend and loved the look, even thought I was looking through the sliver of window not covered by brown paper. The sign noted this website: http://eatonvillerestaurant.com/. It’s interesting. The videos tell the back story on Zora. The chef photos on the door suggest multiple head chefs – I can’t imagine that working well. But we’ll see, right?

  • Russell, I think the pictures of multiple chefs are the various chefs under consideration to be Head Chef…via a mini-Chef-off or whatever.

    Busboys is overpriced. But the mussels are good (I know, I’m still shocked) and under $10. Best deal in town. Unless someone else can top that…

  • Yeah, what anon said. They picked the winner – you can read all about it on their blog – http://eatonvillerestaurant.com/blog/sneak-peak-of-the-menu/ – this post says the winner is Rusty Holman.

  • Uhhh does this kind of remind anyone of the lounge area in Policy?? Even though Eatonville has murals, it has the same kind of look as the grafitti in Policy – the chandeliers look very much like theirs too. Oh and the tin roof – that’s in the restaurant portion at Policy. Just some strange accents you don’t usually see all together has appeared in two places on the same street.

    Not really my cup of tea. Hopefully the food will be good and will make me forget about the crazy decor.

  • I used to love Busboys, until the day I had to wait 30 minutes to get served when the place was half empty and I was then charged $6.75 for a coffee with an extra shot. I haven’t been able to bring myself to go back.

  • The soft opening is supposed to be taking place this week. I think the big launch will next week. BTW..I know the chef and he knows how to cook. The food should be amazing. As for the other issues(speculation that the service will be slow like Busboys), time will tell.

  • I live in union row and when walking by a lady inside told me that the soft opening was Tuesday and official opening Friday.

  • I’m very much onboard with the *idea* of Busboys and Poets, but the food is barely passable and the service horrible, if well-intentioned. I don’t expect this restaurant to be any better — the owner seems to be all about gimmicks — he and his team have no idea what good food is, and what a restaurant ought to be.

  • How original…a soul food joint in DC. They better bring something amazing to the table because DC is ripe with some good soul food joints. I hope they bring in some help because the foodies from busboys are not going to cut it.

  • Busboys is overpriced. That glass of wine for 8bucks? You can buy a whole bottle for 7 bucks retail. That plate of 8bucks chicken wings? it comes with 6 and no celery/carrot or nothing. That beer for 6bucks? Didn’t they buy that shit for 50cent a piece wholesale? Yike… Portions are way small and you can’t be full unless you’re one of those wanna-be-intellectuals-emo-skinny-as-chopstick people.

  • @anon Granville Moore has the best mussels in town by a long shot. On Monday’s they’re $10.

  • I’m seeing this becoming Georgia Brown’s North: expensive heart-attack-inducing food and the Sunday churchie crowd driving in from PG. They’re going to make bank if they pull it off.

  • Oops. Looks like they’re going the “heart-smart” route. I amend my previous statement to say “heart-attack-inducing expensive.”

  • this place is full of win. they really bring it. i think busboys and poets is fairly mediocre for the food, so am not predisposed to loving eatonville, but i was blown away by how good the food here was. wow. and, they had a very drinkable $22 bottle of rose on the wine list. perfect. extremely well done.

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